Grandiose Flying Dreams that Elephants Remember

Suddenly, it’s almost May and time is losing its meaning to me...okay, maybe not, because time is still precious but it’s amazing how quickly it is going when you get older. I’m sure people have remarked on this before, but I am doing it now, because it’s becoming more and more known to me. I’m hating it and want it to stop, but it won’t, time just won’t, and that’s fine. Gotta live while you can. Gotta make most of your time, and I’m trying my hardest. Life has been peaceful, and life has been partly better. I know that sometimes I slip up and sometimes it isn’t well, but I’m retaining my control over my Bipolar Disorder and PTSD, and while the rest has past, I know that sadness is always a feature in me.

I know that I can’t end what’s part of me. It’s always there, but I know it’s not all of me, the depression will stay, and I know it won’t go, but I can keep it at bay.

Mother’s day is soon, and I don’t feel like celebrating either mother. Each has said some things and hurt me wholly as a person, whether it is insulting me and my marriage or to my lack of motivation to keeping my house clean (my mother has that obsession), but I know I can, because despite those flaws and imperfections, I know I can celebrate them. Though it’s silly to have one day devoted to it. I like to show it all year around, but maybe those days are reminders? Maybe, that’s it.

Reminders aren’t bad but we shouldn’t rely on them yearly to show appreciation. We should take the initiative, always. Don’t be afraid to show appreciation and love to everyone you know and care about. Don’t be afraid to care about these things.

Miller and Card Captor Sakura Cosplay

Unfortunately, I forgot the crutch and sunglasses for the Miller cosplay. Blah, so it’s not pictured but that’s the gist of what I’m wearing regardless, it’s it a lot? Regardless, I’ve been well, though my review session for Bio Lab went well and I knew a lot of it, but I hope I can study well, and get a good grade. It’s a good amount of information and it’s cruel, but it’s okay, somehow. The finals will start after next week after week 4 tests. I’m looking forward to it, somehow. Practical for Bio Lab is next week and I’m glittery about it, but I know I will do good. I know I will ace it this time around because so the review session was packed on Monday. I finally found books that I may like. I’m so happy about that.

Have a good rest of the week~ I know I shall.


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Posted on April 28th, 2016, at 2:09 am by Maroon Caludin.

Seems like for the most part things are good. Yay!

And awesome cosplays! Especially love the Cardcaptor Sakura one!

Posted on April 28th, 2016, at 12:07 pm by Kya.

The costumes look like they will be really great. 😀

It’s difficult when time does pass so quickly and as you get older you have more things to think about. You just have to try and pace yourself and not get overwhelmed.