8th Wedding Anniversary

Posted on March 29th, 2021 in blog, pictures by Michelle. 1 Comment

The snow back in February was horrific and beautiful at the time, and Marley loved the hell out of it. She was always going outside, and running into the snow but since it’s gone, life has resumed and so has the months. I apologize for not making this post sooner but a lot of things have happened recently including working more hours and thus, being too tired to make this entry. Now, that it is settled, and that my 8th wedding anniversary passed back in the 9th of March, I’ll say that I love my husband and that it’s been amazing that we spent 14 year together total with each other. Here’s some pictures of our wedding day. Enjoy!

Si gorgeous! Happy anni! 😀

Hey! I hope all is well ? Glad to announce that I am finally BACK! Can you kindly update my link from heartbliss.net or starhaze.net to aestharis.net. thank you!