A Loop Of Reality?

Posted on October 20th, 2018 in Blog, pictures by Michelle. 4 Comments

So, the weather has been dreadful with the rain and thunder going down in Texas and while it had been welcomed initially then it became overkill with the continuous amount of rain for weeks on end. It is difficult to know that Texas is just so mixed up with weather and while, I won’t get into the topic if climate change is real or not, let’s just say I believe it though now, it’s all over the world with the deadly hurricane in Florida to the thunderstorms here. No good thunderstorms that cut out power for moments at a time and fearing it will be more than just those moments, maybe hours?

Also new layout from Cristina featuring the lovely 2B and 9S from Nier Automata, which I highly recommend playing if you like elements of RPGs and hack n slash mixed together; Which reminds me that Halloween is soon approaching and thus my husband and I always have the tradition of watching and playing scary games and/or movies because why not? Still, even if we don’t celebrate Halloween with parties anymore doesn’t mean that we don’t care about the Halloween; We really do.

So with the spookiness aboard, here are some games that we’ve played that will surely frighten or at least make you think about things a lot which is something a good  horror game should do.



 Think of the repercussions that often happen in life and how we are affected by it in the present, and so with this indie game comes Oxenfree which comes from the rhyme : Olly Olly Oxenfree which is used in the game tag to indicate safety and to come out from hiding. This game is also about accepting the reality and knowing that safety itself isn’t everything and there are choices to be made like every other game but it affects character interactions past and present. This game was a complete surprise to me because it just begins normally with five teenagers on a beach on an island with a mystery but they came to have a party but what they find is that sometimes reality isn’t what we believe it to be. The music is so quiet and atmospheric in a lot of ways and fits the narrative perfectly and also-the speech in the game, the way things play out, is just breathtaking. I never thought that I could relate to real talk from characters so much and that was glorious and unheard of. The characters are set to be archetypes but evolve into so much more as the story goes on and while I can gush about this game forever just know that it is worth playing. You won’t be disappointed in the characters or story.

What do you make of stories? What do you make of stories and consequences? What is the connection to what is fiction and non? What’s the imagination have to do with this game? Everything and while the spook factor of the game isn’t quite where it should be and yet poses the questions: Who are we really? Is all we’ve done worth it? Was it just an imagination that brought events to life or was it more? Was it the reality that we often search in? Somehow, that is what this indie game proposes highly. Whose in control of this reality? And if fiction really that powerful to make it become reality? The music like Oxenfree is gorgeous but for other reasons, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is unique in that it employs the music to create a blurred line between what we’re seeing and what is there. This game is indie as well but headed by a Polish gaming group and so, it has the flair that isn’t seen in most English speaking games and while it is dubbed in English, it still manages to capture the haunting ethereal mood of the game.

The Butterfly Effect: (with reference to chaos theory) the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere.

So this game draws on this in the opening scenes how one change can affect others…and this in mind that you begin to see that transformation in others and in the choices we make. Nothing can exist in a vacuum. At the beginning of this game, a prank snowballs into something more. I won’t spoil the game because it is something else.

I really enjoyed UntilDawn! And I also enjoyed the Butterfly Effect film. I hope the weather in Texas turns out okay, too.

Posted on October 29th, 2018, at 1:44 PM by Claudine.

I really enjoy games with themes or storylines that make me think and reflect on things, so I think the games you shared are really interesting! I am especially intrigued about Oxenfree – this is a game that I would definitely pick up and play, but I might not be able to put it down! Haha! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Posted on October 30th, 2018, at 9:46 AM by Jane.

I steer clear of the news these days, but the weather in Texas thus far doesn’t seem as bad as previous years yet. I usually would’ve heard tornado sirens by now. There was a lot of rain, however. It kept cutting into my plans to transplant my peppermint. -,-

Posted on November 3rd, 2018, at 2:16 PM by Kenny.

I personally like it when it rains. I apparently like it wen it’s dark, gloomy and gray. Hmm. Who would’ve figured?