A Moment to Remember

Posted on December 21st, 2020 in blog, pictures by Michelle. 3 Comments

Well…I have some explaining to do about my absence…

I’m pretty much fine though been working extra shifts and going in early plus staying late on those early shifts and I’m happy to say that I’m tired but grateful to have a job in this economy and during this pandemic that the US didn’t exactly do much for. Luckily, at work, it’s fine and I’m loving the management and the customers are great too, though I admit that we get a lot of elderly customers and we help them as best as we can but I’m always me. Just being friendly old me. Emotionally and mentally, I’m fine, and stable but maybe it’s because I’m actually behaving and not spending money behind my husband’s back? Could be why we are getting along and also trying to be more honest in general with him with regards to spending money and whatnot.

It very much helps to be honest and rebuild that trust that I lost with my impulsiveness though I can say that I’m finally reaching some good breakthroughs in therapy, so I’m glad about that but I have a lot to work on like my anger that comes out sometimes but it’s never truly directed at any one but still, it’s not good. I have a lot of unresolved anger that plagues from the past and working my way through it has been a nightmare and heaven.

I’ve also prepared for the holidays though I found out that I am working on both Eve and Day, but I’ll be fine because they are such short shifts and we close early, so there’s that, still it sucks to no one in my family decided to do anything for that day but I did make a lot of big decisions recently on who I am seeing etc; or who I want to associate with and I’m speaking with my mom and she’s finally moving away next year around the same time as my surgery though her being supportive is next to nil.

New haircut
All I have to say to everyone is:

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and Merry Christmas (If you celebrate it)

Merry Christmas! I’m glad that you are doing well now. Situation is pretty bad in US right now and I hope for the best for you. Stay healthy and safe!

Posted on December 27th, 2020, at 4:00 pm by Kadie.

Merry Christmas! Congratulations on the breakthroughs you have been having in therapy. It’s good to hear you mention you’re doing good and that you’re stable. I know you still feel there is a lot to work on, but you should still be proud of the progress you’ve made so far! Well done! Love the haircut by the way <3 Stay safe!

Posted on December 27th, 2020, at 11:35 pm by Sophie.

I’m glad things are going well, it’s a shame you had to work both days over Christmas though x