Birthday Shenanigans ETC;

Posted on August 20th, 2022 in blog, pictures by Michelle. 1 Comment

Things have changed recently…and it means another update!

So, I mentioned recently that I was being besieged by my work and the assistant store manager to be very hostile to me to the point of being quite rude to me and not just me but other employees, even by customers, and supposedly, he worked for the company for 15, yet lacks tact and professionalism either way, I put in my two weeks notice and the 24th of this month is my last day, but worry not! I have another job! It is not in retail, at all, and instead is working with children in a daycare owned by a church that married my husband and I, in 2013; and which, is nearer to me than my job that I’m leaving despite me being there for two years but management got too bad and a lot of people were/are leaving, and it’s hard not to see why..


My birthday gifts!

Before then, I celebrated my 33rd birthday and everyone but my mother, said happy birthday to me, and she was saying that she wanted another child, but she couldn’t even take care of my brother and I…so what the hell is her problem? She even told me that she had no maternal instincts at all and suddenly she wants to adopt? No, please no.

Then, I got a new haircut…

It’s amazing!

Then my sister in law is having another child! Which, was a nice baby shower and it’s a girl! Though my husband and I decided not to have kids…I just have a lot of reasons and honestly? The real reason is I am not well enough to take care of a child, let alone myself…

Sorry about your job, but sounds like a good call to leave. But glad you have another one!

A belated happy birthday!