With Stars

It hasn’t been easy in the slightest to be honest. I almost lost my husband for real. I felt like giving up because I had all this resentment for him always being right about everything (however childish that sounds) and the fact that I felt like I was being treated like a child, and given no responsibilities of my own. That he probably no longer loved me because of his comments about money, but he cried with me. He cried while I sobbed and unfolded my heart to him. I wish it wasn’t so, but I almost gave up the best part of my life, my support line because I felt weak and wanted to crumble. I wanted to give up forever and realized I had to keep fighting. The best things in life are worth fighting for. I changed my life for the better, and there was no way that I wanted to lose that chance for happiness I had.

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Forgotten Yellow

Last weekend wasn’t very good because I started back into my old bad habits of feuding with my husband about everything, but whatever we feuded about didn’t matter, because today, it worked itself out. Everything works out in the end and that’s what I truly believe.


What’s the situation of us moving out? Apparently, we might not have to do that at all, and just transfer to a bigger apartment instead, as the management Lady Tracy is quite sure of and quite nice about. It helps that we pay our rent on time and make sure to be ourselves. We are both kind hearted people, quite honestly. I find my husband, Jose more kind hearted than I, as I’m more rough of the edges but alas, it’s just how we are. And it works that everything can be worth it in our budget and I get a discount for being a student at TCC. Woot.

Speaking of that, I finally filled out my FAFSA and thank goodness I got it taken care of. I’ll be fine for my fall and spring semester coming up, though what to take for fall? More math and finish up History, and possibly more English Comp II? I wanted to do Biology or P.E, but I know I have the spring semester to see about that.

I didn’t go to the Rocky Horror Show last Saturday, as too many of my friends had things come up suddenly so it was a sign not to go, but I’m determined to go to this one: May 9th

Smiley face
But I did see my college’s performance of Little Shop of Horrors. I already knew how the play ended but alas, I still had a blast hanging out with my mom, her friend, and my husband and watching it. It was funnier and just all the way awesome. I cheered and loved the giant plant Audrey II. It was great and made me wanna watch the movie again(a great movie with a different ending than the play’s).

Smiley face
I also saw two best friends this week: Ashley and Kristen. So that’s something and helped me laugh, and no doubt that energy is going to get me through finals week next week. I already finished one in English Comp I, but I need to do Developmental Math. Whew, that’s going to be fine. I just know it.

I’m waiting on my new glasses to be shipped back to the store. I picked some Guess frames that are quite nice. Embossed stripes on the sides with black and light brown.

I’ll be sure to post up pictures of them when I get them. It’s going to be hard to let go of these old frames because they’ve been through the best and worst with me and I feel like perhaps I’m just tossing them to the side, but it was time to better myself. What other way than to get new stuff?

New stuff on my person? Cutting hair has always been symbolic of a changing nature. I’m glad I did it. Thanks for the good response guys. It means a lot to me!

I’m still doing really good with Effexor and my sleep medication. The rest of my medication is quite stable and quite dependable. Maybe I’m too happy? There’s such a thing but I’m just glad to be me. I can’t tell you how it sucked to be a zombie for so long, a zombie. It’s like that movie Warm Bodies. I was the main zombie guy all in my head but nothing was connecting at all. I felt┬átired, exhausted, and just someone else.

If you find something that works and works well, never get rid of it. In the end, it can be a life saver and can help you in the long run. That’s what I always figured out honestly.



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