Gracious Words

Posted on September 27th, 2013 in Blog, Uncategorized by Michelle. 4 Comments

Busy, busy, and busy as usual but I’m getting in the rhythm of things, sleeping schedule and school itself. It usually doesn’t take me too long to get into things but I’m doing well in all my classes and I have some idea on what classes I want to take next semester.

History, English, and Math. Just three so I don’t overwhelm myself, you know? I’m slowly increasing my workload by each semester but I’m just hoping that getting my books for next semester won’t be a pain like it was for this one. I can only hope, you know?

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A Traveling Girl

Posted on September 12th, 2013 in Blog, Uncategorized by Michelle. 3 Comments

So this weekend was something along with the beginning of the week. I say this because I’ve been hella busy with school and homework but that’s to be expected honestly. I just never knew that so much homework could exist. Ha. I celebrated a friend’s birthday on Friday and it was fun, but not a lot of people showed up, and it was the last time that I saw my visiting friend. He went back home on Monday. I was disappointed in that fact but alas, what can you do? People will disappoint somewhere down the line and it’s to be expected.

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