Enchantress of the Stars

Posted on January 1st, 2016 in Blog, Uncategorized, Writings by Michelle. 12 Comments

I’ve been trying to write and write this post for awhile, and I lacked the words to say what was on my mind and even heart. I guess I just wanna say that my Christmas at the end was okay, and I mean that in the most neutral way ever. There was some fighting and it came from my husband and I, and it came from the frustration of him not understanding or not appreciating that we were alive this season. I’m grateful indeed, but regardless, it only took a broken phone to make me realize that my husband wasn’t truly grateful. It usually wouldn’t irk me but I’m still feeling raw and all sorts of things from the wreck and I wanted him to share my feelings of appreciation and joyfulness for the holidays. He didn’t and I got mad, but to cut to the chase to the whole story, I just wish I could make him understand the intense feelings I’m going through and appreciate what he had. I guess you can’t make people feel what you feel unless you share it together somehow.
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