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Thanks for all the concern everyone. To be honest, it triggered my PTSD and I had a moment before the honeymoon when I was upset and crying all the time but luckily I moved up my therapist appointment for next week and my pill doctor for next week as well. I really just need to talk to my therapist and all that to make myself feel better. It’s better now but I know that it still bugs me and whatnot, and also I had persistent Bronchitis, so I ended up taking a second round of different antibiotics and I can say that I’m feeling better.

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So here I am with a new awesome host but I admit that I miss my old one very much. I was sad to leave Ravissant hosting as it was my first into the foray of hosting and websites.  I hope that I can learn a bit more and maybe manage on my own. Here’s hoping to that. Here’s hoping that I have the time to when school starts. I’m already hearing horror stories.

I know that I plan on taking Pre-Algebra and the Success for Students class but I was told that I should plan on getting tons of homework. Yeah. Just what I love. Homework! But alas that is part of school.

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