On the 9th of March, it was mine and my husband's, Jose's 7th wedding anniversary; and we've been together for nearly 14 years total. I couldn't be prouder and happier to be his wife... [Read More]

 New layout featuring the game, Scribblenauts and a more playful scenario.Thank you to my bestie Cristina for creating the layout for me and in the end, being a great friend! She's more than my graphic... [Read More]

It's been a week of something and I can't properly describe it to you, but all I know is that it was maybe a roller coaster of some sorts and I can't understand it sometimes.... [Read More]

I don't think I can post up any pictures but I wanted to at least give something of an update this new month... I'm dealing with death from someone that was my confidant and helped... [Read More]