The Vow of Revenge: Thoughts

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Life In Song: Headlock by Imogen Heap





“Distant flickering, greener scenery.
This weather’s bringing it all back again.
Great adventures, faces and condensation.
I’m going outside to take it all in.

It’s always with some regret that I remember things I shouldn’t, and remember all the bad things. It has been years since I’ve done something drastic, but I always say goodbye to the memories I once held precious. Things out of my control, but I know that I can take it all in and just live the life I want to. It’s not been easy to look back and be proud of things I’ve done but survival is what I did. It’s regret and pings of that gets me sometimes, but I try to look forward. My gaze is always different everyday and sometimes I relapse, but I’m doing the best I can do. I feel stuck sometimes. I feel as if I am in a headlock and can’t get out sometimes. I guess we all follow into the rut.

You say too late to start, got your heart in a headlock,
I don’t believe any of it.
You say too late to start, with your heart in a headlock,
You know you’re better than this.

I don’t believe anything is too late. I don’t believe it’s too late to be me. Depression just sucks sometimes. It sucks all the good and replaces the good truths with bad lies, lies all the time. The stars couldn’t keep up with me. I’ve been doing better emotionally, though I know I have to face that fear and that small child in me.

We’re a different pair, do something out of step.
Throw a stranger an unexpected smile…with big intention.
Still posted at your station.
Always on about the day it should have flied…”

That’s why I try to be kind to everyone. You never know the battles people go through in their lives and a little smile goes along way. Smiles and compliments go further on. No intention other than be yourself. That’s how I tackle every day. Just a smile and a positive attitude no matter how much it can hurt some days. I think seeing people smile and be happy helps my heart heal.

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