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I went back to this layout because I love it the most out of the whole library of layouts I’ve commissioned as it features Nagito Komaeda from Super Danganronpa 2 (which I highly recommend either watching or playing) and it’s playful and quite beautiful as well.

Did 14th of Feb turn out to be any good? My husband took that day off and we had a lot of fun, too.

As always, you’re gorgeous.

I’m glad you had a good Valentine’s Day. Me, I’m single so enough said. :p And congrats to Marley for losing the weight.
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Aw. Your valentines day looked to be so fun and romantic. These are the simple things in life that make them enjoyable.

Your doggo is adorable. <3
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Aww, your husband’s Valentine’s gifts are so adorable and fit your personality so much! Well, what can I say, he knows you very well! <3

It's great that Marley lost weight! Yay for healthy doggos! I wish my beagle Haylie would lose weight too, but she keeps on eating everything in sight!
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Posted on February 27th, 2018, at 7:00 AM by Claudine.

Your husband is so sweet! What a lovely and thoughtful present. The food looks delicous/oishi! Congrats to your dog on losing weight! Marley looks so adorable.
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