Even The Smallest Of Punches Impact The Future

Posted on November 28th, 2017 in Blog, pictures by Michelle. 3 Comments

Here’s the breakdown of my week and of Thanksgiving:


Thanksgiving itself was uneventful and we ate leftovers from my in laws since my husband worked but at least he’s getting time and a half for it; But it just sucks that he worked regardless though, it meant not bothering with family, though, I have to Christmas.  BLAH

Animes I watched/are watching

Boku No Hero Academia


Games in process

For the Nintendo Switch

Then the weirdness and saddest thing happened: A lost dog was found by Marley and then by me, and I did what I could to reunite this pooch to his owner because in the end, I would want someone to do what they could for Marley; If she ever went missing. If she ever left but she’s pretty good at recalling, so the chances are very slim but you don’t know in the end. I am glad that she is microchipped and it’s better than just regular old tags.

EDIT: The pooch is reunited with his’ owner! HOORAY

the pooch in question
Switched from a Iphone 5s to LG G4 and am never looking back because I forgot how wonderful Android was and how freeing it was and I don’t have to deal with iTunes anymore. I hate iTunes, I’m serious about that; but in the end, I am happy with my LG G4 so much!


I have seen both of those anime and they are great! I look forward to more seasons of Boku no Academia. ♥
That is the only bad thing about having a pet, is how short their life span is. Still, gotta love all that time with them and never regret it. XD

Posted on December 1st, 2017, at 4:31 PM by Lucien.

You’re a sweetheart. 🙂
I know many people who own a dog yet, were they ever to cross path with a lost one, they wouldn’t even bothering to bring him to the pound; they’d just leave him where it is. Kudos and kisses to you and Marley. <3 <3

I've always had Android phones too….mainly because iPhones are too damn expensive, but I completely agree there are things Android just does better. 🙂
Oh, and I'm thinking to buy a LG phone myself too! I bought a Wiko phone just last spring, but I've read so many very bad reviews for the brand that I've already set my eyes on the model I want as new smartphone (the LG Q6) as well as an eventual alternative (the SONY Xperia XA1 Plus). xD

Posted on December 1st, 2017, at 9:17 PM by Jamie.

Honestly speaking, when we had C.C. (before he had passed away), he got out of the house one day (as he always tends to do, because he’s just that type of brand that likes to run). Well, someone had called Animal Control and somehow or another they actually got C.C. in their van. They came to my dad’s house asking if we had a dog of this color, and I said yes, and he took me to the van and told me that an old woman had seen this dog running loose and thought it might be someone’s dog and didn’t want the dog to get run over so she called animal control to come and get the dog. I thanked them and we weren’t charged. Thank the Lord. He told me that he’ll let it slide this time, but if it happens again, he might have to charge us then. Thankfully, the guy was nice enough to let us slide this time and I was forever grateful that he did. I’m really surprised that the pooch was reunited with his owners. There’s a dog out by where I live now and his owners are just arses. They leave the poor dog (or at least that’s what it seems) outside 24/7 with nothing to do, so the dog barks continuously for hours on end, which I am surprised that none of the neighbors have done anything about it i.e. talking to the owners or reporting it. Ya know? It’s disturbs others peace (mine as well), and there’s been times where I thought I was going to have a nervous break down due to the constant barking. I can handle some barking, but when it goes on for hours on end without a break, then it becomes bothersome. I’m just glad that the dog was reunited with his owners. Isn’t that the same dog that always gave you kisses when ever you walked by his home?