Final Decision

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I suppose, it’s time for some updates, don’t you think?

Well, it’s official: my two week notice was put in for my 2+ years job at Tom  Thumb; though I appreciated the learning experience and the chances I got there, it was time to move on and do better for myself, and that’s exactly what I did and got. I managed to score a new job at 14 an hour at Daiso’s, a Japanese dollar plus store that’s quite nice and while,  the other interviews went nowhere as I went to several, I’m glad that I was accepted there; while it is outside my city’s mall, the busiest in my city, and largest, too; I had to get out of Tom Thumb. Why? It wasn’t just because of the whole HR nightmare of my sexual harassment but the fact was I was getting paid so little and my hours were constantly cut and no amount of pay was good enough at 12.15 an hour to do the extra labor and deal with fucking management; plus a lot of the coworkers that I loved and cared about were gone and it was just time to go based on realizing my self worth as a person and employee.

And the fact that the management refused to give any of the front end employees at least 15, which a lot of places were already giving as a starting wage: Tom Thumb can and will afford to give its employees at least 15 an hour, but you know capitalism, honestly and the fact that corporations don’t give a fuck about their employees and rather cut wages, and cut hours instead of addressing the fact of the pay being shit and there being better and less stressful jobs than Tom Thumb.

It wasn’t just cashiering that I did, but asking for donations for our various charities and other strict policies that were in place, like the cell phone policies, such as the store being the only way to contact employees for emergencies etc; plus promoting events all the way engaging in extreme customer service to the point we had a score that was always to be met along with other obligations along with being penalized for things outside our control; there’s more and there’s not enough time to explain it all…but know that a giant corporation that is being merged with its rival Kroger and being able to put a lean on the company to give their Executives more than millions of dollars in order to sell the company.

It’s pretty shitty and I won’t miss it.

That’s why I feel that Daiso’s is different: smaller store and a more emphasis on customer service but without donations and the added fluff of a giant corporation such as Tom Thumb which is owed by the company Albertsons; though in the end I will miss my customers and I’m sure that they will too…miss me. In the end, I realized I couldn’t quite keep going as I did there with the little pay and little hours and working hard to the point of exhaustion. It wasn’t worth it. And I can help out my husband more despite him paying most if not all of the bills including rent and such; that 14 an hour will help immensely and since I don’t spend much on myself except for Pink Drinks from Starbucks, which now can be bought in a bottle in store, and my hair, of course; I am free to give more as 12.15 an hour wasn’t anything and I was struggling to get lunch every day without asking for money from my husband. It was hell.

With the added time left open after being chased off  Twitter, and selling off a lot of my anime figures which helped pay for our car and the catalytic converter among other things and my intrepid foolishness that people with similar likes were my friends, when it was further from the truth and my naivety for trusting so quickly; either way, I have been spending more time with my husband, dog, and my gaming life! Managing to clear out some games like Persona 1 on PSP and just enjoying all the free time, which is rather odd; though I enjoy not being tied to anything or one thing like social media, which is hella toxic to the extreme with all sorts of people on there that are just harmful and can and will use everything you say against you.

That’s why the only two social media  platforms I use are Instagram and a private Facebook all friended with people I know from real life. Though, it’s easy to be caught up in any social media like Twitter and forget that you’re ignoring everyone, and the fact that you can and will be judged so harshly by people that don’t know you truly; either way, my obsession with Twitter was so terrible that I’d almost if always get angry at my dog, Marley and husband, Jose for disturbing me and spending more time there instead of enjoying the moments with them especially with Marley, who’s turning 9 in November, this upcoming Thanksgiving and I ought to spend more time with her and my husband plus it’s just rude to be on my phone all the time. I rather live in the here and no instead of just the online world all the time.


Marley after a bath; She’s exhausted

I start at Daiso this Monday, on the 1st of May

Working in hostile environments is a situation I am all too familiar with. Isn’t it absurd how we are required to put up with the bullshit while not even receiving a decent wage for it? Bravo for deciding to leave that alone. Luckily, I got laid off in January, and I had a new job within a week. I was ready to start looking for anything new and was feeling mentally checked out so the stars were in the right alignment.

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That’s cool you work at Daiso. A fan of those stores since they sell stationery and writing supplies from what I’ve seen from Daiso hauls on YouTube.
Hopefully it’ll be fun for you to work there.

Wanted to drop by to say hi too. ????