For An Update’s Sake

Posted on November 21st, 2020 in blog by Michelle. 1 Comment

New layout!

Thanks to Kacie for the new layout that is put up and the new header that I recently that I commissioned featuring artwork that I also, commissioned, so it’s funny all the way around. I love it in its simplicity and whatnot. Work has picked up recently due to Thanksgiving being the most important holiday for us, a grocery store, and a moderate size one at that. I admit that it’s getting easier and easier to work and enjoy the company of my coworkers and supervisors. Each of them are different in their own ways, but recently, well , like on the 18th, I was sent to call the Medline for COVID-19 screening and while negative, I am in quarantine for about 10 days from work, but I get paid the 25.50 hours I didn’t get to work this week, and get 20 hours next week at least, and then I go back on the 29th, after THANKSGIVING! 

I remember working on Thanksgiving two years ago and hated IT.  HATED IT. 

Me in my work uniform
So before any of this debacle, I was given a total of three gift cards of 5 USD each, not at the same time, but many times by work for covering and overworking for hours after my shift to help out; and I am very well liked, well, it’s not hard to like me. I’m pretty much pleasant but of course, there’s always a darkside in people and me, included, but I am working on that with therapy, but I know that my anger is one thing I have to work on.

5 USD gift card for me

Been trying to put myself into the habit of drinking protein shakes and chewing my food until soft so I don’t swollen, so, I can get used to it when I get my surgery in a few years; though I did gain weight then began losing it but I’m still going through with the weight loss surgery for my height in general. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I need it and things have got to change and I’m dedicated to it. I have to be. I just have to be.

And started and finished season 1 of this gem


Hello Michelle! Blog hopping 🙂 It’s been a while!

Love the new layout~ It’s bright and clean 🙂

Hope you’re doing fine and take a rest. Hopefully you can enjoy Thanksgiving! Stay safe too!