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This week is busy…already with Saturday being the apex of it because Saturday is my aunt’s wedding at 3 pm and I cannot wait. Though the few days before it, I am busy like on the 19th, I am doing the wedding rehearsal and on the 18th which is a Thursday, I am getting my nails done and also hanging out with a very best friend from my past life in Kansas that is coming down and we are having dinner along with my husband. I have missed my best friend for a very long time and though we have stayed in contact with Facebook, we still miss the personal connection.

We miss the face to face interaction but it will be great to see her again!

Mother’s Day came and I was very busy with my own mother and in laws. I ended up going out to eat and playing with a puppy that my Uncle Eddie had, though the fact is they are still in a rut when my great uncle stole their money for drugs. Remember drugs aren’t great to be hooked on and can destroy lives and relationships like it did with my own family because who steals from family? Dirt bags, that’s who, dirt bags that are truly cowards.

Marley and Sarge
 I brought Marley over to play with the new Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Sarge and they both had a great time and chilled together and it helps that Marley is a girl and Sarge is a boy; Because if they were both boys then they would fight for territory and such and that’s not a good thing but since Marley is a girl….then it’s fine. Sarge was very interested in Marley, a lot, though I am not surprised by that, honestly. Marley is quite pretty.

Though I am excited for the wedding, but I somehow got myself a few new stuff from a second seller store and they often have sales and my husband and I picked up these gems!

You bet that I will post up pictures from the wedding and such when I get them and stuff, just right now, I am just waiting and waiting until that day and I bet it will come soon enough! I am so overly enthusiastic for that time to come, though my blood work results came and it seems like it could either be my liver or bones, which is weird but the doctors did state the enzymes are slightly elevated and that they can’t form a conclusive opinion until one blood work gets back to them. The important one and I hope it’s good news of the sorts or just something that can be dealt with in the slightest but knowing it could either be my liver or bones makes me nervous. I can’t think of what it could be and it scares me. It’s the Alkaline Phosphatase test (ALP) and it could tell me a lot but I am just frightened what it could mean for my health in the long run but I know that whatever it is, I can meet and destroy it. I am that strong entirely. I am stronger than what my body and mind throws at me and I am sure that I can meet them and be me in the end.

I am sure to be stronger and more powerful than ever.

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Your dogs are adorable! I’ve ever only had cats growing up and consider myself more of a cat person, but I’d love to have a dog some day.

Hope you have a great time at your Aunts wedding!
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Posted on May 17th, 2017, at 2:12 AM by Brandy.

I can’t waaait to see a blogpost with pictured of the wedding. It’s a great thing that you’re spending time with relatives and friends. I am happy for you <3.

Don't worry about your blood tests. I am sure it will be explained. I told you, you have to take into considerations more factors. Also when you are making a diagnosis, you have to start with the simple things and then you think about the bad ones. At your age you have a strong body, less likely to have something very bad. I am sure it will be ok <3.

Take care <3
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Sorry I just absolutely love them. My late Buddy was a Chocolate and they are by far my favorite dogs.

Have fun at the wedding this Saturday!
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Posted on May 18th, 2017, at 8:16 PM by Cassidy.

I love the pictures of your dogs. Enjoy the wedding!

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Sounds like you had a busy week! How was the wedding? I can’t wait for your photos to be posted ^^ I love weddings because everyone looks so elegant and happy.
Addiction to illegal drugs can make you do a lot of things, huh, even steal from your own family. Nevertheless, I’m glad you had a great time. Marley and Sarge are so adorable!
I agree, you are strong and we believe in you!

Posted on May 21st, 2017, at 1:19 PM by Gillan.

Both Marley and the other dog are adorable (I refuse to say adorbs). I’ve had both dogs and cats, but you’ve known me for how long online? I prefer cats (even though I only have one, and yet people are calling me the crazy cat lady?). My mom had like four or five cats? My best friend Michelle (same name as you) had 15!!!!!! That’s one too many.

I can’t wait to see pictures of the wedding. I’m sure you and Jose will have a blast there. I was only invited to one wedding and that was my mom’s. I didn’t like it, only because I was a kid and it was in Vegas of all places.
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