Goes to Show You Birthdays Exists

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It has been two days since my birthday (08/08), while I’m not entirely happy where my life has been going but it’s getting better as I’m in the workforce and proving to people to myself that I can function and it has been a challenge to continue on when my ex-trainer and co-worker is just abrasive in manner and speech plus lacking compassion towards any mistakes and when I tried to explain on how exhausted I am, he becomes ignorant with me (even if he doesn’t know my conditions) and generalize things. I got the whole, “Get some sleep then.” and/or “Don’t take your meds in the morning.” are some of the speel that I get when I mentioned the bonehead mistakes then he just criticizes me on everything to my appearance and…yeah..just because he’s been here longer (a year) doesn’t excuse his callousness. I’m like “If it was that easy…then I’d be doing it and I won’t even go into it.” I am quite adamant in standing my ground and not allowing him to cower over me and just being cruel because he can and why do people ask if he is working? I don’t give a fuck nor am I his keeper. Just stop PLEASE!

In my work attire
And I know I’ll meet people like that as I have but it just makes me more determined to not give up and since I’m giving it all a shot to be functional on some levels, it has helped immensely emotionally and mentally with me even as my physical is still lagging and I won’t lie and say that it’s exhausting work. I do move and prepare the cart. I do move a lot and while, I haven’t lost weight instead just hovering around 221 lbs which has hurt me so much, it still is a great idea to be around people and socialize more. I hate Walmart. I work there though not through them but another company.

On Monday, Jose got his top right wisdom tooth removed and know that he’s 34 and thus, he didn’t take care of it then, it’s now paining him greatly but when he got it out, the pain lingered but it always does when a tooth is taken out especially wisdom teeth. I had all four of mine taken out the same time in the past so I wouldn’t deal with the pain and agony anymore and while the recovery time was tedious as I just ate strawberry cheesecake shakes for almost 2 weeks but the good thing is my cousin was born then and I got to see her even with my pain.

It’s nice that sometimes bad memories can be attached to good ones.

It’s the duality of life.

Bad and good.

Good and bad.

It’s easy to forget that it exists.

So, Jose has been recovering and while that was happening, my birthday happened on Wednesday and while it wasn’t completely exciting, it was nice to have a small party with family.

A party with family. Then my lil brother (he’s 19 but he calls me big sis in return) lost his key to the car and while it was bad, it was so like my brother to do so as he’s really impossible with losing things like keys and things in general. He’s never smart when it comes to these things but I still love him lots and while I got a few gifts from him and his gf, they also got Marley a few things too which I appreciated and Marley, of course, loved it. She’s very spoiled, you see.

Then it happened on Wednesday that we finally got our settlement money and it was a lot of money that he didn’t think we’d get but in the end, it will help us get a better-used car and we intend to take care of it. We intend to take care of it fully.

I’m so happy that things are turning out better but the bad is that I’m still fighting with my husband on money issues even if he blows it up and makes it much ado about nothing. Oh well. At least it’s been raining here in Texas despite being over 100 F for a while. I think 40 C is near what 100 F would be.


Happy belated birthday!

Hope things will get better. Removing wisdom tooth sounds exceptionally painful which I hope I don’t need to go through it.

Posted on August 13th, 2018, at 6:08 AM by Bexa.

Glad things are going better for you Michelle. Hope you had a lovely birthday <3 xx

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Posted on August 14th, 2018, at 7:44 PM by Ashley.

It’s funny how our birthdays are only a day apart. XD Almost birthday twins haha. You know, it seems Walmart has a lot of shit employees like that. They get a big head just for being their longer or having a slightly higher position. My mother works at walmart too and tells me stories about people like that as well. I hope you keep holding strong!

Posted on August 16th, 2018, at 3:52 AM by Brandy.

Happy Belated Birthday!

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth yanked when I was a teen – the same week that one of my best friends got hers out. Haha. At least we got to be each other’s support systems. It was such a pain!

I’ve been through that work drama quite recently. It’s terrible! I hope things get better.

Posted on August 21st, 2018, at 7:59 PM by Eirene.

You are in my thoughts!