Dreaming Through the Noise

I have to admit that I take things for granted, like for instance my husband when I shouldn’t…and I have to say I shouldn’t have done that and this month has proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. I guess, in the long run when you have something already you don’t know how good you have it until it’s gone.

It’s pretty true, I say despite being so cliched. I guess with my spending habits have finally come to a head and it has pushed my husband to the limit and he did something to fix it all and I don’t blame him. I really don’t, but even in the aftermath of all that, he’s been so kind and loving towards me even though I don’t feel like I deserve it.

Something that he got me because he loves me despite it allĀ 
I love him so much, and yet, wasn’t showing him the truth of it with my actions, but with this, I’m finally learning not to do that and I’m glad he put his foot down finally despite the harsh lesson I had to learn, and i had to.

Work has been so crazy with the hours that they’ve given me with me closing a lot but I don’t mind though sometimes, it’s difficult to manage it all with all the problems that I face and I worry about getting fired due to a lot of things that need improving and what they expect of me. It’s a lot different than WinCo and I miss it. I guess the only thing I wanted to truly worry about was my speed, my efficiency, but no more with Tom Thumb as they are stressing me out about how they do things, and I hope I can learn quickly. Everyone at work seems to like me and that’s good, at least. I’m usually a likeable person, okay, I am.

Then, an incident happened that truly made me realize that people do care: we had a infestation of ants and they got into my dog, Marley’s food and it was contaminated and so I asked for money, which I hate doing, but I had no choice and there was a hell of a outpouring of support and money, and I thank these people that love me so much, and Marley to do this. I’m truly humble and I will not take for granted the people that love and care about me. Thanks to them, Marley got new food and we got rid of the ants, finally, thank goodness!

Sundays, sometimes I go to church to see my aunt and nearly that and we go every Sunday to my cousin’s grave…

It’s beautiful and I miss her a lot, just a lot all the time as we were so close and she and I hung out all the time…

Always appreciate and love the people in your life, no matter what because they can be gone in an instant.

Then I decided to get stabbed by a knife while trying to do something in the kitchen which sucks badly, and then I decided to go to the doctor and get it treated. It’s fine now. Thank goodness!

Fall and/or winter weather is coming so I decided to put Marley into little sweaters and jackets for her, and she’s positively cute! Do you think so? Her birthday is in November-Thanksgiving baby.

September 25, 2020 by Michelle 2

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