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It seems that WordPress’ main editor has changed drastically and it’s a pain to figure it all out, honestly but I am doing it. What’s changed in my neck of the woods? Mostly been spending time with my friends on Instagram as opposed to Facebook and whatnot. It’s been a crazy existence honestly with Christmas coming up and the end of the year really just here. How did the time go by so fast? I already remember my time at Thanksgiving and how mom ruined the ham but at least I got leftovers from my in laws‘ and that thought of spending time with them at holidays irks me. 

They barely tolerate me and give me shitty gifts every year but at least we do secret santa with the adults and always give gifts to the kids: my niece and two nephews. I mean, it couldn’t be worse than being ignore and them speaking Spanish around me. I just hate my in laws‘ treatment of my husband’s with so much criticizing and boy is my mother in law going to blow a gasket when she see my hair.

I already got the whole, “You look like a boy” from my mother and how “Dare” I cut my own hair to be short? I hate that gender norms make it difficult to be yourself in a world of such a binary existence but we’re learning much that there is no such thing as binary genders and that sex and gender are so different. I’m glad I’m living in a time where I can apply these changes to myself though I do worry that I’ll be bullied for it but it’s whatever, honestly. I think we should be allowed to be our own person but as long as we’re not hurting anyone or ourselves, it should be free reign. I just never understood why being yourself is so terrible but whatever. I’ll continue to push those boundaries and be myself through it all.  

Christmas is coming up and I’m not prepared for it as my family including my in laws just don’t like me especially them because of reasons that were out of my control and so whenever I go there, I am constantly criticized like no other and to be honest, my husband really does believe he has no one but me. I feel the same with all that’s going on in my world.

I know I’m not the most functional person despite my reasoning why I don’t wanna be functional…Maybe because I genuinely don’t believe it’s possible for me? You can’t ever get out of the cycle of self-loathing and just plain pain but it can be managed and the severity of it done away. but do I want that? Those are questions that I have to constantly ask myself but I don’t wanna face it anymore. I don’t wanna seem like I can and do have the answers.

Well have a happy holidays and a Merry Christmas…I’ll try <3 

Posted on December 12th, 2018 in Blog by Michelle. 3 Comments

Personally I like keeping my hair short. So much easier to manage. XD And I’m with you on being yourself as long as you’re not hurting anyone! Try not to worry about others about that stuff.

I feel you with family though. We don’t really get together with my mom or dad’s. Some aren’t just around, and others can be a pain.

I understand too where you feel you can’t function. I sometimes feel that way. All you can do is try. Merry Christmas!

Posted on December 22nd, 2018, at 8:10 PM by Hiro.

It always baffles me that people care SO MUCH about your appearances and your hair!! Your hair has literally zero implications to their lives, and it makes you happy. Smdh.

Hope you’ll manage to have a good holiday even with family snafu. We’re just going to stay in my apartment and maybe cook something special (not that we’re very good at cooking LOL)…

Posted on December 27th, 2018, at 4:50 PM by Ashley.

My mother is the same with my appearance. She isn’t rude when I make changes but she never says anything nice about it. Honestly it really pisses me off about her. I think you look adorable with that hair cut, btw. 🙂

Yeah, the new wordpress editor is a pain in the ass! I found a lovely little plug in to change it back. Eff that, I don’t want it forcing me to use formats on my template. Bleh! I used Classic Editor is you are curious. It has good reviews and seems like it will work good for my next post.

I hope your Christmas went well and you have a Happy New Year!