In Memoriam

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Memories come and go but they aren’t forgotten in the larger scheme of things and even if you’re gone, you’re still in our hearts and your name will live on.

5 days ago: Thursday, November 2nd, 2017, I lost not only a cousin but a best friend and sister; and I say that because while she was born in ’91 and me in ’89, we essentially grew up together on the street Greenway and it was across the street from my parents’ house when they were still married. I remember going to a new elementary school together with my cousins: Jessica, Nichole and Jacob and enjoying that time together. We rode bikes, played video games and all my childhood memories came from that despite me suppressing all of them growing up, I still remember vividly the moments that made my childhood special.

She would have been 26 on Jan 9th and now, we’ll be burying her at this age, and I cannot fathomed the pain and heart ache of her parents, my aunt Benita and my uncle Rene and all I can do is be there for everyone including myself. It isn’t easy to lose someone that close to me in age and that I always found to be more sync with.

From Left to right: G, Nichole, Me
Bottom: Aunt Benita
In the 2000s 
I was always taken care by Nichole and soon our interests came together: We loved Legend of Zelda, had the biggest crush on Roy Mustang from FMA and FMA Brotherhood, video games, movies, shows (in fact she got me hooked on How I Met Your Mother) and soon, we talked about our fears and dreams, together. I even had the pleasure of staying up with her all night and listening to her cry and giving the best advice I could and just being there.

October 25 2014: My Christmas Party 2014

Nichole and our cousin G


December 21, 2014: Nichole’s Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Me and Alyssa (Nichole’s best friend)
Savannah and Danni 

Screw Attack Gaming Convention 2015

Nichole as the Pokemon Umbreon and me as Sakura Kinomoto From CCS

R.I.P Jan 9th 1991-November 5th 2017 

As I said before I’m so sorry for your loss! *hugs* Sounds like she was a great friend and family member for you! But I’m sure she’ll be with you always in some form, and wishing you the best.

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So sorry for your loss. 🙁

Posted on November 10th, 2017, at 6:22 AM by Britney.

I don’t know you, but happened upon your website. I just wanted to tell you that I am so sorry for your loss and I know that those words can seem pretty empty. I am thinking about you and your family in this sad time. <3 <3
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