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Posted on March 11th, 2018 in Blog, pictures by Michelle. 5 Comments

A few things….

Just a short entry this time!

Hello Michelle!
Happy 5th Anniversary to you and your hubby! More powers and always stay inlove πŸ™‚

The food looks tasty! Haven’t tried Enchiladas. I’ll try to look one from here XD
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Posted on March 14th, 2018, at 1:40 AM by Xian.

Wow, seems like things are coming on your way now mich. This is so nice to hear!

Posted on March 15th, 2018, at 3:39 AM by stevevhan.

Happy anniversary! And congrats on not needing braces. I’m in the middle of getting dental work done. And it’s worse than braces. :p
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Posted on March 16th, 2018, at 1:15 AM by Kenny.

Happy anniversary! Glad that things are getting for you now. πŸ™‚

Posted on March 17th, 2018, at 7:12 AM by Sakura.

Yay for not needing braces! πŸ™‚ Braces are a pain so it will save you a huge amount of trouble (and money!) if you can avoid having it!

I’ve never voted before but I do know how important it is for many people and I also recognize that voting really makes a huge difference especially when people believe in a candidate’s cause, so I’m glad that you’re exercising your right to vote <3
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Posted on March 18th, 2018, at 3:28 PM by Claudine.

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