March of Tears

Posted on March 24th, 2022 in blog, pictures by Michelle. 0 Comments

~Here we go again~

It’s really been a long time, since I’ve updated, right? Too much so, but at the end of it, I’m regrettably alive, and desperately trying to look for more than one thing to be alive. How could I forget about this blog? I’m sorry for the overly neglectfulness of myself because I did pay for another year of this and I intend to use this blog. What has been going on with my life since then? Besides the extreme weight loss? I can’t really begin to speak of the horrors and delights I’ve encountered and immeasurable ways that I’ve managed to survive (despite my attempts not to) and get rid of toxicity in my life in the form of a former friend, and paternal units. I’m done with my parents, so why should I care for them when all they’ve done is abuse and neglect me? In the end, I think it’s a fine time that I ought to look into the future of not having kids and whatnot.

I think at this point, I don’t want kids, because of my mental illness and how severe and fucked up as a person I am…but at the end, I decided not to have them.

Weight loss: 222 lbs to 132.9 lbs

Me today

Then there was an incident at work that involved me- sexual harassment, but I won’t say much about it other than it is over and the person responsible that did that to me is gone, he was fired. Thank god~

Other than all that? I’m doing good~!