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Just been a hell of a month or two for me…


Though I did manage to get steroid injections for my back last month and ended up feeling about 80% better, but even at that percentage, it still wasn’t helping too much, so, I got a second round and that brought me up to 100%, which, if you have/had osteoarthritis then you know that even a smidge better can make you feel invincible. Even so, I’m better at this point despite being sore from the injections last Monday. It always is like that but in the end, it’s worth it to feel better. Feel any better at whatever cost possible.

lost 8.9 lbs

Managed to surprise myself more and get down to this weight which is fantastic and overly wonderful for my back, feet and body overall. My current weight before hand was 213.9 and I lost 8.9 lbs in the process of working and walking more than 10,000 steps a day at work, itself. I guess my ultimate weight is 160 lbs and from there, hopefully that can be reached in the next year or so because it’s imperative I do this to have kids just because being obese has its own complications in pregnancy. I rather not chance it honestly as I trust my gynecologist so very much. He’s really kind and helps me a lot, too. I really can’t complain and while I always set up tiny goals of losing 5 to 10 lbs every so often, it helps me stay motivated on what I truly want to do with my life and my health.




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There’s something I’ve been meaning to say about work and the effects it has had on me; Basically, I’ve transformed and became a more functional person, thus, it has helped me incredibility to not have fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what used to be my familiar spot, so, now that I am doing this, I can start being my own person and actually branch out into things I was terrified to do. I guess it’s just one of those steps that continue growing until it’s a staircase and it doesn’t have to be steep, just there and able to be finished. Or continued on. Maybe that’s it, maybe life is just a series of steps we’re going through to achieve so much in our lives.

I’ve been working morning then night shifts, but to be honest- I love night shifts because of not just the lax but the, rush of the customers and the time that comes. It’s easier to work when the hours go by very rapidly. I don’t miss the mornings because it’s always so slow and boring. So slow and I cannot lift or do anything much because of my back, still. I did get injections but they (my pain doctor) still don’t want me to lift up heavy things. Hell, maybe one day, I’ll get a second job and go on from there and work mornings instead. I don’t know but what I do know is: I’ll continue working these nearly 40 hours and enjoying my time because it shows that I can be responsible and believe in myself, too. Also, I’ve been scheduled more and more on the night crew-aka, closing at 11 pm and honestly, I work with some of the best people imaginable.

We get things done plus, it gets easier to get through the night when it is passing by so quickly.

We get a lot of treats from work to be shown appreciation especially when we work on holidays besides the holiday pay of time and a half, so, it isn’t too bad. One instance, last Sunday, we were given ice cream floats and before then on father’s day, chicken dinner. I’m lucky in that regard but I can’t compare it to my husband’s work at the calling center for the bank-hell, on this Thursday, he’s volunteering at an animal shelter which is so groovy and awesome. I still have my New Years’ resolution to pet more doggos aka dogs. Can I? I’ve already petted so many in this year but it’s never enough.



Decided to pick up gaming again but instead on my PSP and Nintendo Switch; I’ve started Let’s Go Eevee and then the original Persona series start along with 2 Innocent Sin and I couldn’t love it more. I loved E3 when it was on with the news of the new Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Sequel along with the new Pokemon game, Pokemon Sword and Shield.


Some thoughts…

Father’s day came and went but honestly, I love my dad and in general my parental units but the fact of the matter is, they treated and abused me most of my life especially my father and while, I did wish him a happy father’s day, I couldn’t help think that a lot of my self esteem issues really began when he mentioned my weight constantly growing up. I am better in terms of self esteem now, but the fact is he started and kept contributing to it. I guess father’s and mother’s day was difficult for me but I found out at least my aunt has always been there for me and so, I treated her for mother’s day, but father’s day? I dunno, honestly.


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Congrats on the weight loss! I really need to get on that for myself…hope you’re still doing okay (with health and just in general!)

I was playing that Pokemon game, but I stopped when I needed to charge my Switch. XD Someday I’ll get back to it!

Posted on June 29th, 2019, at 5:54 AM by Tiffany.

I’m glad that the steroid injections are helping you, I had a steroid IV when I was in elementary school and it helped me walk again. Also, congrats on the weight loss. I’ve actually started working out, only 15 minutes a day but it’s a start. It’s also nice to hear that your job is having such a positive effect on you.

Posted on July 6th, 2019, at 2:45 AM by Claudine.

Aww, Michelle! Looks like things are looking up and I am SO happy for you <3 I'm so glad that the steroid injections have been helping and that you feel so much better after having it. Oh and congrats on your weight loss progress! It's really difficult to lose weight but you make it look so easy with your constant progress 😉 That keeps me inspired to continue my own weight loss journey too!

I'm so glad that you're enjoying your work and that it is helping you become more functional. Looks like you've really found the job for you… and night shift sounds fun! Lol I despise morning shift so much because I'm not a morning person, so I feel like I would thrive in a night shift schedule XD

Posted on July 6th, 2019, at 1:19 PM by Sakura.

I played Let’s Go Pikachu version and it was good. In fact, I have finished the game (beat the Elite Four) and still catching some legendary pokemon in the game

Posted on July 12th, 2019, at 12:39 AM by Kenny.

I’m glad things are much better for you now. I hope your back gets better. 🙂