Mental Illness Is Not…

There are reports of the white terrortist that murdered 50 + people and injured more than 200+, but know that what he has is not MENTAL ILLNESS. Mental illness isn’t violent except a select few and yet, people assume it can be thanks to media telling that people commit crimes because of “mental illness” but a lot of time it is white men trying to lessen their sentences.

In fact, research suggests that this public perception does not reflect reality. Most individuals with psychiatric disorders are not violent. Although a subset of people with psychiatric disorders commit assaults and violent crimes, findings have been inconsistent about how much mental illness contributes to this behavior and how much substance abuse and other factors do.


Because honestly, mental illness is more spur of the moment than premeditated and this guy was planning to do this with no remorse because he could, and that he knew that he could get the label of mental illness on him to exonerate his crimes. It doesn’t. I don’t care if mental illness is a different experience across the board but generally speaking, it is more complex than mental illness causing violence. Too many factors honestly.

Also talking about mental illness and experiences to Neurotypicals( “not displaying or characterized by autistic or other neurologically atypical patterns of thought or behavior” ) and yet, I get accused of “blaming” my mental illness on things that I have done; and while I have done that in the past, I’ve been better at taking responsibility at what I’ve been doing. In fact, I am distracting myself from spending money and instead I am reading books, playing video games and chatting with people. I don’t have the urge anymore because I know that my husband is more important than material objects and that I would give it all up for him and Marley. In the end, if talking about my mental illness makes me come across that way, check your bias at the door and stop to realize that you are stigmatizing me because of your preconceived notions of how neurodivergents ( opposite of neurotypicals) are and what their thinking pattern is.

I got this from certain people on the web because honest they had a bias against me because of what the media told them how and what neurodivergents are; It is wrong. We are human beings and mental illness is complex and the fact that I have to type this entry makes me angry that we are still fighting the right for our mental health to be taken seriously. In the end, I can see the root of my problems and know that mental illness exacerbates the problems that I am currently doing but in the end, it is up to me to continue to keep striving for recovery or at least maintain balance. It’s difficult and I should be allowed to talk about my problems openly and I know I will be “pressured” by neurotypicals to stop but I won’t even when it is my last breath. I tell you, that while I didn’t want to be in this world, I have to make do with what I have and appreciate the good things that have came to me.

If it seems like I’m “blaming”, stop. Put yourself in my shoes and know that I am telling my side and what I’m dealing with and that should never be taken as me blaming anything.

This, I won’t stop fighting.


Posted on October 4th, 2017 in Writings by Michelle. 2 Comments

I read about the news and it’s really sad. I think he got influenced badly but still… violence sucks. 🙁

Posted on October 4th, 2017, at 1:44 PM by Sakura.

I don’t think the Las Vegas shooter was mentally ill either. I honestly think he was just an evil person. I think he knew full well what he was doing because it was planned ahead of time. He knew right from wrong.

Posted on October 8th, 2017, at 3:57 AM by Britney.

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