My Darling

Posted on July 6th, 2022 in blog, pictures by Michelle. 1 Comment


Apologies for the hiatus…it’s just been a long few months and I truly mean it, as I’ve doing good from bad, various back and forth and it’s been exhausting; It all involves work and it’s been hella bad with my assistant store manager just being hostile towards me after my sexual harassment hr nightmare, but luckily the employee that put his hands on me got fired, but still, I began being treated differently despite going beyond for work; Taking shifts from others, and working later than my shifts. It’s exhausting, but I love my job and everyone there and don’t hold any grudges even if I am being treated badly.  I don’t want to hold that in my heart…because it isn’t worth it, either way, besides that? Everything is good, including my relationship with my husband, and others too!


Weight as of today: 06/28/22 125.6 (56 kg)
Weight loss start: 222 lbs (100 kg)
Weight loss total: 96.4 lbs (43 kgs)
Ideal weight/goal weight: 115-125 lbs (52 kg -56 kg)
New hair color! Hot pink!
Cosplay of Noriaki Kakyoin from JJBA in a Yukata

girl congrats on the weight loss you look great! its inspiring to read that you are grateful and in a good place despite having hardships. i hope the people at your job start appreciating you more ?? hope you have a nice day!