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Just a few updates from this month and an amazing new layout


This ties directly with my health and it hasn’t been good-been getting in trouble or at least being reprimanded for things outside my control like me being sick and management saying that my attendance is poor despite me going to work with crippling sciatica and whatnot. Barely complaining only when the pain is enough and finally realizing that retail isn’t for me anymore and that I rather not be older than 30 and be in that industry because to them, you are a cog in a machine, you are just another replaceable part and so, my dream job involves handling and being around animals like dogs and cats in shelters, etc; so I’ve been applying despite my lack of experience hoping that someone will dare give me some chances in order to work. Coworkers are okay for the most part but my BPD (My borderline personality disorder) makes interpersonal relationships difficult and I’m out of there because I realize that I’m not being me and instead being someone else that I don’t recognize. Tired of doing more than just my share of work at my store when I realize that I don’t get paid enough to deal with people and just the workload. Plus working with young 20 year olds and even younger is just wearing on me due to their non formed work ethic, plus the favoritism shown there and finally realizing what a toxic place it really is. Not everyone is innocent and just for that moment, I realize that I don’t want anymore part in it. At least for now, I’ll stick with it and just hopefully get something in my desired field! Or at least understand why everything has to change all the time. I’m just unhappy now :/ So unhappy and I hate it.


Been bad.


100 F

Now congested.

Found out that I have Laryngitis. BLAH!

4 days of antibiotics and cough medicine.

Good luck for me, indeedly.


Then my good friend and neighbor moved out because the rent was increasing exponentially (why I have to get a better paying job soon) and took her doggos with her, and that’s significant because Marley is best friends with them. Well one of the doggos, Roxie, the Rottweiler. Plus, I am losing a great friend and advice giver that I always saw on weekends and such. Though the transition will be tough for all of us (especially me and Marley), I know something good can come up, though taking her around other dogs like at the nearby dog park is hard when Jose and I work a lot. I’ll try to do my best and get something done but I cannot promise anything to myself or to her. Roxie and Marley were really great pals and it saddens me that they have to be a part like this but what can I do? What can we all do when urban planning and one new baseball stadium with a roof is being built and taxes are being raised to fund it all? My city of Arlington, Texas just makes me sad that rent is driving all of us away like this. I’ll miss my great friend and Marley will no doubt miss Roxie.

 Marley and Roxie

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The new layout looks great!

That is really horrible of your work, it sucks because if you go to work sick then that isn’t good, but if you call out then they think that it’s even worse. There is no loyal in companies anymore, and it sucks because it’s like you said. I hope that your able to get another job that you want and that you feel better!

Posted on October 9th, 2019, at 10:13 PM by Kenny.

I’m not sorry things have not worked out for you right now. I hope things get better for you, Michelle! <3

Posted on October 10th, 2019, at 10:06 AM by Delphine.

September looked like a rough month for you 🙁 I hope October gets better and that you’ll eventually be able to achieve what you want ❤️

Posted on October 12th, 2019, at 5:26 AM by Claudine.

I’m so sorry to hear that things aren’t going well with work and your health 🙁 Going to work while sick or while in pain isn’t easy at all, but I hope things get better soon 🙁

I also hope that Marley gets a new doggie bestie! It’s so sad when a neighbor that has become your friend moves out to another place 🙁