New Outlook

Posted on October 6th, 2018 in Blog, pictures by Michelle. 5 Comments

LONG time no blog, right? But I am back with a new entry with a new view in my life and all the happenings of the world at least from how I interpret it etc; Regardless, a lot of events happened since September and like before, here we go!

As you know Halloween is in a few weeks so Jose, my husband, on a momentous decision to sell all our Halloween stuff because it gets too costly to have parties and no one ever shows up, and that’s a drag honestly. I guess it’s time to grow up and enjoy the adult world which is aggravating honestly but it’s something that we have to face eventually but besides that, with Halloween being his favorite holiday, we can at least declutter the duplex.

Got 150 USD for itย 
Then bad news coming from my face-my beautiful Di Valdi glasses broke when the leg came off entirely but luckily I have a warranty on them but sadly, I have to get a different color but that’s fine. They are all beautiful and different, but I know one thing for certain my backup pair sucks but hope that my new glasses come in early and not a week. I don’t wanna wait a week with these terrible back-ups with all the scratches and whatnot. My new glasses, the lenses are scratch resistant and that’s good news for me despite me paying extra because I’m so rough with everything and I can’t help it.

Then in November, Marley grows older! She’ll be four and I can’t believe how much she has grown! But she has a good 12-14 years due to the fact she’s mostly Labrador Retriever and Shepherd bur which kind? Dunno honestly but it’s fine! But look at her puppy and then her adult self! I wonder if children grow like this and even if she’s a dog, she’s my ESA (Emotional Support Animal).

Sweet Marley


Trigger Warnings


Then I’m getting Neurological testing done on the 19th of this month so I’m extremely nervous but I was completely frank and gave the best history of my childhood and beyond. I still have underlying causes that prevent me from stable though working at this moment is not acceptable or needed because of how I am. I have extreme weeks up and down and it’s beyond the point of healthy so testing will be done and then working through it will help but this chronic-lifetime and my mother plus family doesn’t understand that. I can’t just take a pill and everything be better because I am literally traumatized by so much in life and work really stresses me out to the point of wanting to hurt myself. I want to be stable but it’s difficult if other underlying issues are hindering me but this is something I have to work on for the rest of my life and no one understands this. I can’t even change their minds but I expect a lot of shit from my family because of my hair to my mental health is bad but I stay away from them. I stay far from them because of how toxic they can be.

I had to block someone I considered a cousin because he said inappropriate things to me. If I grew up with you and have no inclinations to think anything sexual towards family like that. There is a reason why incest is taboo and why it bothers people so bad. How can anyone say those things to me? I don’t wanna have sex with you-I don’t think like that and you’re family. It’s just…just disgusting. Sigh.

In the end, things do change and hopefully, I’ll get some answers to my questions that bother me and that the testing on the 19th helps; Also new layout coming

I think Halloween things can increase the amount of clutter, so itโ€™s good youโ€™re doing a job of cleaning it out! Just think, you could earn some extra coin from selling it too ๐Ÿ™‚ As you know I am all about minimalism so having a few super cool decorations you bring out every year would be more effective and add a nice touch compared to a big big collection ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ’€

The design of your glasses looks lovely! I gotta agree that I like the colours of the old one better too ๐Ÿ˜… But I am sure you will grow to love the new ones or a new design you love will come out next time you are due for a new pair.

Hope everything goes alright with the testing! Family can be really, really hard to deal with โ€“ I know from experience and friendsโ€™ stories that sometimes they think they are doing the best for you and they know the best, they *think* they understand you, but they donโ€™t โ€“ and they refuse to accept that they are or can be a problem for your own mental health ๐Ÿ˜ž

Posted on October 11th, 2018, at 6:36 PM by Belle.

I only have a few decorations for halloween, your collection is huge!! I am in lovee with your new glasses btw. They look gorgeous, I hope you end up loving them as much as I do ๐Ÿ˜‰
I’m so sorry that your family is less than supportive right now. Take care, and I hope the testing goes okay for you.

Posted on October 12th, 2018, at 10:17 PM by Deanna.

Wow that is a lot of Halloween decor! I have been trying to resist buying too many holiday decorations until we buy a house.

I love your new glasses! I’m thinking about getting some new glasses too so that I have a backup pair if I break my current ones.

Posted on October 13th, 2018, at 2:09 AM by Kenny.

Congratulations on the new glasses. Sorry that they broke. I lost mine three years ago and I haven’t bothered replacing them. It’s fine. I hate wearing glasses anyway.

I hope things get better for you with your family.

Posted on October 14th, 2018, at 8:08 PM by Kirsten.

I wish I had even 1/8th the amount of Halloween stuff you have lol. It does tend to cause a lot of clutter though, Christmas stuff too but sometimes I just can’t help myself when I see things in the stores.

Sorry about your glasses. I know what you mean about back up glasses. I always get two pairs but this last time I got glasses my first pair the ones I wanted most I ended up hating them and my spare pair are the ones I love. I am terrified anything would happen to them and I would have to wear the other ones. I need new ones anyways. Scratches suck. I have a rather large one down one of my lenses but I have no money to replace them at the moment. Glad you got the scratch resistant coating on them it helps but only that, I have it on mine and they still get scratched, just generally not as bad and they usually will replace them if they get scratches on them within the first year I think.

Sorry things are so rough for you right now with your family and things that have happened in the past and sound like they are still happening. It’s hard to have to choose to cut family out of your life or severely restrict them but you don’t choose your family and sometimes it’s for your own good to do so, even if only temporarily, sometimes permanently but you have to do what is best for you.

You mentioned your puppy is your emotional support animal. I hope she is helping you. Animals are great emotional support sometimes. I love to snuggle up to my parents dogs and get comfort when I am feeling emotional or sick.