No Surprises

Posted on August 25th, 2020 in blog by Michelle. 1 Comment



My new badge!
My interview outfit
Life is a lot better these days, and you’re probably wondering what happened to my previous job? I got fired from HR’s intervention because of gross misconduct but I’m also relieved and sad at the same time as I’ve made a lot of great friends at WinCo. I’ll miss them but life goes on and I put in some applications a week or two after being fired and got my new job at Tom Thumb. Then, I went into training yesterday and start for real tomorrow. Yay, me!

Also, I’ve applied for SSDI which is disability but I doubt I’ll get it but we’ll see.

I’m a lot closer to my husband as I’m really trying not to spend money we don’t have etc; and just being a good person that I know I can be. Writing more poetry and updating a lot of my fanfictions. It’s been swell and since I’m getting along better with my husband, I’m more than happier these days though of course, my depression and mental health isn’t the best because my depression is just eating at me; I’m trying my hardest to not let it get to me and I’m getting things done and that’s a big achievement for itself because depression really pulls me down and anyone that experiences it.

I finally had my first day at my new job at Tom Thumb and while the system is different than I thought, it’s easier to learn it and I’ve been doing good as evident by the comments of my supervisors and co workers. I guess not everything is all groom and doom and even if it can feel like that, we can’t surrender to those feelings. We are stronger than we realize and gotta keep fighting. Gotta keep going. Gotta keep going no matter what and that’s what my experience in life has taught me. Always no matter what.