Stars Have Scars

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EDIT: My oral surgery went well and I’m in little to no pain (thanks in part to ice cream and painkillers).

So, tomorrow goes my wisdom teeth and I’m nervous about it. I’m hella scared but I know it’s for the good of my mouth, that they come out. They caused nothing but pain and discomfort. I wonder what the weekend is going to have in store for me. I know I’m off to help my sissy (not blood related) find something for her costume. A-Kon is coming up and I’m nervous about that too. I wanna go so bad. I wanna have fun so bad. I know I can do it! Though speaking of my mouth and the oral surgery that I’m going in for tomorrow…
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Yes, I managed to get my glasses finally and I can see everything so much clearly. Not that my old glasses had problems, but the fact that they lacked the change I required. They’re different and part of a different mold of myself. It was a time for another change in my life, the transition of being an adult. For years, I thought I was, but the mere fact I still had childish qualities. Well that’s fine an dandy but you need to be an adult in relationships and situations that require it, and I lacked that big time. It was only my fight with my husband that Saturday, that I had to get better or lose everything.

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