Hello, Darkness

By the time that I finish this, it will already be school time. College. My third semester. 9 hours every semester. I hope to finish in less than 5 years. Is it doable? I hope so. I’m so far juggling this with some precaution, I had some trouble last time near the end of the semester with my depression, in not wanting to do my work, but luckily I got past the depression and finished my courses with B’s and a C. Since my birthday ended, and school is coming alongside the corner, I’ve given my husband permission (not really. I enjoy this holiday so much) to decorate already for Halloween. He’s big into the holiday and so we’ve already started. I’ll certainly¬†put up pictures when he’s done with the whole Halloween process, as it’s going to be amazing.

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Science and Progress

How am I doing on the home front? A lot better, a lot of progress was/is made everyday, but there are some days that are dark, and some days I hurt, but those days don’t come close to before. I managed to spend time with my best friend Ashley for dinner. It was a very nice experience as she drove us both around Dallas and beyond. I just missed those days so much, with some endlessness, and so much wandering. So much happiness and then it being taken away. I’ve come to some conclusion for myself, that I as a person is not Bipolar, but rather it is a disorder that I have. I refuse it to describe myself as that anymore, I am so much more than my disorder. I am still the same person I was, just more clouded, but now that is no longer a problem, I am back.

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