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So today’s Father’s Day, and I couldn’t be more sad. I think lately, I’ve been upset and trying so hard not to stress over this whole moving thing…but it was already too late. I can’t believe that so much happened and the lack of support we’re getting from everyone. I resorted to setting up a Go Fund Me Account, so I could get some money to help us move, and help us pay for furniture, appliances, and bills. I never told you the real reason why we’re leaving, harassment. Sexual harassment. Note that I did everything to get it fixed, called the police, told my apartment managers but the guy disappeared and the neighbors stopped after I told them no and ran off.

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Just the Same

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So, we were approved and we move in July 1st. Hurray! So in the mean time, I’m enjoying the pool here at my apartments. Did I mention I’ve been swimming a lot? Well, I have!~ Though, I do have a million things that have to be done like:




  • Call the electric company (in this case, Pennywise) and set up electricity at our new place
  • Get internet set up at our new place (might be without for a week or two, depending, so please don’t freak out if I don’t respond or comment back, but of course, this won’t happen for awhile.)
  • Get U Haul truck scheduled to move our stuff
  • Start packing and taking things off the wall(should be fun)
  • Get enough money for a washer and dryer
  • And lastly, hang with family and have parties at the pool before we leave

Picspam of our new place, but unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of upstairs, but use your imagination, please? We have the bedrooms upstairs(all carpet) and the full bathroom, plus the washer and dryer connections are next to the full bathroom.

Pretty nice place, huh? (Note, I had to scale the pictures down to a certain size so it could fit. So, it’s much much bigger than what the pictures portray)

Smiley face
The living room and front door.
Smiley face
Stairs leading upstairs to the bedroom and full bathroom
Smiley face
Fireplace! Yup!
Smiley face
More of the living room! Remember it’s 1,062 square ft.
Plus, I’m dealing with my dentist this week-Thursday for me. Yay. /sarcasm

But it’s all new, and the there isn’t carpet until you go up the stairs in the bedroom. Of course, I think we’ll be without a couch, since we’re throwing it away because let us face it, it’s broken and no good anymore. It’s not comfortable. Yet, I’m getting a dresser and a nightstand from my mom. She’s been so good about this, in supporting us in this move. I really am lucky to have a great mom like her. I admit, that I wasn’t always on good terms with her, but alas, it’s great to help her out, and vice versa. I only wish I could do something about my dad. I would hate for it to be a repeat again with the wedding where my father in law pays for everything. I’m determined to get my dad to help somehow, even if he throws money at me.

A-kon is over, and E3 started and with all the games being thrown in my face, I wasn’t excited until Sony announced one game in particular for the PS4 and Vita, Grim Fandango. It is basically a noir (dark)kind of game(point and click) with death walking around and mix that in with Day of the Dead, and you get Grim Fandango. It’s an older game, I’m talking about Windows 95 older game, and thus I’ve always wanted to play it. I was so excited to see it being remade/remaster, whatever, that I was instantly happy about it. I really don’t get excited for games very much. My question to you, what games are you excited about at E3?

I’m glad that I’m doing well, lost 6 more lbs and put myself back into the projected 26 lbs range. It seems to be hovering that way, but that’s okay. I plan to lose more by my methods, you know exercise and portion control. I’ve been doing so well, and I plan on learning how to drive one of these days, plus type up my finish story. Maybe I’ll do an excerpt of it? I dunno, but I do hope that I can do it. I can’t believe summer is underway and school is so close.

Already picked my classes for this upcoming semester. Yay! I cannot understate what a college nerd I am, but that’s okay. That’s okay. I’m fine with that. I’m trying to finish English and History for good, then work my way through my Associate Degree. I have ways to go, but I think if I keep doing 3 classes, 9 hours total, I can do it. I register on the 20th of this month. I can’t believe I’m going through college so fast~ I want moments to last forever! I’m enjoying it more than I should, seriously. I think I said that before. But it minds repeating.

I think next year, I’ll go to Dallas Comic Con, for sure. For sure.

How do you plan to spend the week?