Arrows of Stardust

So, my hair went bye-bye for the first time in a century(exaggeration I know) but, I finally did it. I felt like it was the right time to cut off my hair and finally, the right time to claim myself and my beauty again. For the first time in ages, I feel beautiful, for the first time in years, I feel like myself and feel like I should.




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It wasn’t a hard decision but one I had to make. I had to claim myself and my life again. Slowly, I’ve been doing that, slowly, I’ve been claiming my harmony again. It’s different and getting used to barely any hair is a challenge, but it’s worth it. I’m myself thanks to my efforts to get better, thanks to my efforts to keep myself happy.

My relationship with my husband and others are great, though I got back from a rpg binge from Bravely Default. It left me in a lull, but it’s okay. I’m sure to fill it with other meaningful things. School really doesn’t end until May 7th for me, I found out, but I’m sure to get everything done before then. I’m sure to be happier before then. I only have a few assignments to get done and I’ll be scot free for the rest of the semester. Losing that weight and cutting my hair really helped my self esteem in the greatest, and I plan to help it boost up even more when I get new glasses next week. I can’t begin to say when or how these feelings came to me, but they have. It’s better than not having feelings, you know?

I’m also selling my Sailor Moon Compacts:here, I wish you happy bidding on it if you’re interested! No international buying/shipping. Can’t afford it. Sorry.

It’s one of those things I don’t regret then, I don’t. I find there is too little time and too little to regret in life. There isn’t the time for such a thing, honestly. I really want to live the best way I can, and that usually involves no regret (but that can’t be possible.). There always will be some regret but the key is pushing past it and understanding it as a tool to help us grow and learn, that’s what I want to do, what I will continue to do. I’ve made some egregious mistakes in the past but I won’t be bounded by people’s feelings. I’ll take them into considerations but I won’t be ruled by them, like I’ve been in the past.

Seems like I’m busy until the end of this month, Monday, 4/28/14 is when my eye appointment is scheduled and I say goodbye to my new glasses, of course knowing how poor my eyesight is (hope that I gained some of it back), I might cost my husband more money than the insurance will pay. Also tax returns coming back to us. That is coming up and we are getting more money this time around and thus we can save and buy things we need like tires for the car (sorely need them. Getting to that point) and etc; I won’t bore you about the long things about what needs to be gotten, but I will say my weekend will be interesting. I’m trying to persuade my husband to go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Dallas. It includes a live show but going out is my favorite pastime and helps immensely with my cabin fever.

Also another play on Friday, this time, Little Shop of Horrors. You know the one, with the talking plant and whatnot. That’s going to be great. I always enjoyed that movie as a kid and thus it’s great to experience new things. Next Wednesday, 4/30/14, I have therapy and it’s going to be a shock to tell and show my therapist┬áme, the real ‘me’. The me that was hiding under nothingness and feelings of ugliness.


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Officially Yours

So it’s official. My last day of the semester (for me) anyhow is May 5th. Where has the time gone, honestly? I remember when the spring semester started back in Jan and then bam, it’s gone. I remember a time when I first started in college, and I was nervous plus a little unsure but I’ve grown a lot. I’m not so scared and not too intimidated by anything anymore and I’m working the hell out of school. It’s amazing to see how much I’ve grown and changed as a person. I’ve acquaintances with people, but it’s really hard for real friendships to stick due to changing schedules, majors and such, but I like to pretend that I brighten up someone’s day by a cheerful hello.

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