Blinding Starlight

Yay, for new layout again but this time it features the cast of the lovely game, Bravely Default (a jrpg that I highly recommend. It’s on the 3DS only). As it is known that we didn’t get the original place mentioned previously, but instead opted for something else, in Euless. A place that has 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms and a living space of 1,062 square ft, plus it has new appliances in it. All we need to buy is a washer and dryer. Woot. So, we’re still waiting on the application process to see if we got it or not, and believe me, it is nerve wrecking. Apparently, it will be a tight squeeze of money if we do get the place, but I know with some sacrifices on my part (mostly) and his’ that we can do this.

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New Groove

Good thing I can eat solid foods again, and how that come about? Basically my post op dental surgery appointment informed me of that as apparently everything is looking nice and pink.  Plus on the bright side, my dentist even showed me how to irrigate my wisdom tooth holes so nothing gets stuck in them. Hurray! Not really. That’s really sarcasm to the max. I saw the tool and it’s less than intimidating honestly. It’s down right easy to use and they advised that I use my medicine until it’s gone. It’s almost gone now, but I’m still stuck washing out my mouth with a medicated mouthwash Peridex.

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