Falling Together

So, it’s getting closer to moving day and we haven’t exactly made a decision(more like my husband hasn’t), but with him starting a new position, new hours, and a new namesake, things couldn’t look better, and the decision couldn’t be clearer. It may be tough leaving the only comfortable place we’ve known (I’ve done it many times) but it’s worth it in the end. He’ll find that somethings are worth changing, and leaving behind. This is one of them. It’s not easy. These apartments were one of the first places that we lived and had great times, but it’s worth it, because we’ll be growing up more. There was a fear, perhaps a well founded one that I’d tire of him, but I reassured him that I don’t do that to people, nor to the ones I love and care about. It’s not easy to explain, but I’m indecisive about a lot of things when it comes to money, but the fear he had of being replaced can be frightening. I love and would do anything for him, and sometimes it is hard to see it, but it is there. I’m just in unfortunate situations.

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Connect With Me

So, I’m stuck eating soft foods like milkshakes,eggs, and others for example. I slept for most of the first day, because of the medicine, and cried. Come to think of it, I cried a lot these last few days because I got impatient, but the thing to remember is that patience is the key. The key to healing. I gotta keep remembering that. Healing takes time.

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