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Yes, I managed to get my glasses finally and I can see everything so much clearly. Not that my old glasses had problems, but the fact that they lacked the change I required. They’re different and part of a different mold of myself. It was a time for another change in my life, the transition of being an adult. For years, I thought I was, but the mere fact I still had childish qualities. Well that’s fine an dandy but you need to be an adult in relationships and situations that require it, and I lacked that big time. It was only my fight with my husband that Saturday, that I had to get better or lose everything.

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Double Feature

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Thanks everyone for the comments on my previous post, but honestly, it’s true. There will be some ups and downs and it’s up to the people in the relationship to get through it okay or not. But, yesterday was a clusterfuck for so many reasons like my period and just not feeling well in general, and I told everyone that there were plans to see Rocky Horror and Repo the Genetic Opera back to back, and no one came save for one friend. Well it didn’t matter because last night was AMAZING! Went to the Lakewood Theater in downtown Dallas, Texas and BAM! It was crowded at first as parking was a bitch, but luckily when we took our seats, we realized what we were in for. There was a live cast that meant to shadow the screen and the movie playing. I thought it was pretty dead on most of the time.

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