New Umbrella

A double entry? I think so! I think so by all the heavens! What’s been going on with everything now? Emotionally and mentally, I’m better but I had other people give me their concerns like my dad, who called me yesterday. The background on that is English is not my dad’s first language and spanish is and so he doesn’t exactly understand what I’m saying but he tries to and that’s always good. He knows less than next to nothing about my conditions and disorders and was worried because I’ve been posting up some fierce and scary things on facebook. I was for awhile because I told him that facebook is my only outlet and I had no one to really talk to.

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Arrows and Light

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Sorry for scaring everyone…it’s just that I relapsed, but not so badly as I did before. Still, it was frightening for me and I had no idea what was going on. It’s never good when I’m dealing with my depression but I know the main triggers of it: school(wasn’t doing so well), sleep(having those nightmares), and finally fighting with my husband and with myself. Plus other things like feeling overwhelmed and letting things bottle up instead. I immediately felt better after therapy but alas, that’s always good.

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