Free As Starving Wolves

There I go with the lack of updates again..I’m so ashamed of myself as I recently promised that I would post more, and just haven’t. For that, I am sorry. School and life has been sucking up most of my time honestly. It’s really been that end of the month and beginning of February. It’s just been crazy with so many things happening and whatnot. Let’s first say what I should say: I finally managed to go out with my husband’s team from work at this lovely restaurant called Texas de Brazil. Expensive it was and you have to have a reservation to get in but my husband, Jose said that I should consider this a early Valentine’s Day feast. I kind of do honestly. Of course he’ll take me out and give me flowers but still, it was pricey and filling, and speaking of V-Day…

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Just Another Sunny Day

Whew, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated and for that I am very sorry. School and life got in the way…but that’s usually my excuse, you know? You think I would no better than to throw that around but if it mattered to me, then I would care more and go for it. School so far is good and by good I mean, tolerable and easy. Easy as long as I keep on top of my homework and not let things distract me and so far I’m winning in that department. I hope to keep that up throughout the semester, so go me!

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