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EDIT: Effexor is the name of my new antidepressant. Here’s hoping it works, along with the Ambien to help me sleep.


Eek! I haven’t blogged in awhile, and that’s my fault honestly. How is everything on my end? Eek, not so good, still trying to balance school, relationships, hobbies(playing Bravely Default like crazy, really addicting game. Dammit!), and medicine. Speaking of which, my medicine for my depression (Lexapro 20mg) isn’t cutting it and is slowly making my relationship with my hubby even rockier.

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Level Up

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How’s my life? How’s my moods? Everything is so-so at the moment and it sucks. So-So used to mean something different but for me, it means something more. I see that I’m having trouble in school, in my classes and in my personal life. I just wish so much more could happen and make this week so much better. Last week was horrible, so horrible that I threw a chair in anger.

I’ve never had that much anger but it hurt all the same inside of me. I just wish it wasn’t so, but I have a long way to go in therapy and the fact that I have therapy this week is fun to know and that my mom is going is another great fact. I hope it goes well. I hope.

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