Just Another Sunny Day

Posted on January 19th, 2014 in Blog, Uncategorized by Michelle. 2 Comments

Whew, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated and for that I am very sorry. School and life got in the way…but that’s usually my excuse, you know? You think I would no better than to throw that around but if it mattered to me, then I would care more and go for it. School so far is good and by good I mean, tolerable and easy. Easy as long as I keep on top of my homework and not let things distract me and so far I’m winning in that department. I hope to keep that up throughout the semester, so go me!

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Fleeting Moment

Posted on January 1st, 2014 in Blog, Uncategorized by Michelle. 7 Comments

To be honest, so much has happened to me, good and bad but in the end, I feel like so much of it has been worth it. It helped me grow as a person tenfold and not to mention that I’ve started off the year right with some friends and a party. Whaat, me at a party? It’s usually not my kind of scene but I decided to do it for the first time. Just leaped and found myself having a great time. I think, that is the sort of person that I want to be, a kind of risk taking person for all the good and bad. I know it paid off sometimes and then it didn’t but I don’t feel discouraged if it didn’t. I just got up and kept on going. Taking risks is part of life honestly and the best part of them honestly. I took a risk with my husband and getting better and now, life is going good. I admit that I’m still suffering from a cold but it’s receding and becoming a memory. In other words, I’m getting better! ^_^

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