Perpetual Hope

I’ve stated numerous times that it’s important to be in the public eye when dealing with mental illness, the good and the bad, just so people can understand what is going on. A great site is this one: Fuckyeahbipolarowl . It is basically a meme site but, it also sheds light on the many sides of Bipolar Disorder and is a help site for those that need it. The submitted memes are from people suffering.

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Always With Me

I must say, thank you for all your kind words on my previous entry. I’m quite sensitive about my weight and I know I’m trying to change it so I can be in better health and naysayers saying insulting doesn’t help my self esteem. I think what matters is that I feel good about myself and I do. Bullies are everywhere but I’m not alone because I have friends online and in real life that will help me no matter what, and I appreciate that.How’s life been since my latest entry? A lot better and the weather was nice yesterday but now it’s quite cold today.

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