Good for the Soul

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They say honesty is the best policy and I certainly live up to it. I told my therapist everything last week about my nightmares(still haven’t exactly pinpointed the source of them), my reluctance to take my medication. I had one thread on my Facebook dedicated to it.




Apparently, everyone save a few people that knew my struggles missed the point of it. The point being is that I’m not normal in the slightest and that I have a open rebellion to stop taking my meds because it gets downright painful and difficult. To know I have to be different is hard and almost that I want to self sabotage isn’t good at all. I guess I’m scared of all the positive changes in my life and all the support I have, though I had to make that support myself. I had to make everything for the sake of myself. I had to mend the fences and keep cultivating the lawn, so to speak. It gets downright difficult because I get overwhelmed quicker and I start panicking, but luckily, I’m able to collect myself and get better from this. I just have to have cool down periods or else I can’t do it.

Still, it’s not easy being an open book for the world and my friends to see, I’ve gotten things drilled into my head that I’m too negative but the thing is, I’m recovering from depression and that’s how depression is. Negative that becomes a positive. I’m trying to get better and sort everything out and it hasn’t been an easy task nor has it been easiest to be that book. I don’t want people to guess how I’m feeling, I rather just say it instead as it makes life less complicated, and I quite like that.

Also, I don’t have to be in the silence at all, which is a good thing honestly. I hated being silent and pretending those days made life so much miserable. Why pretend when you can live? Why pretend when you can breathe happily or not. Why pretend, why hide? I don’t want any of my friends to hide or be sad because they can’t be the way they are, just because people are holding them down. I want them to live their way, no matter which way(of course as long as they don’t hurt themselves or anyone) but still, I rather not pretend anymore and I think that got me a lot of detractors which I wasn’t expecting. Hmmm..

Smiley face
Yes, my husband got something he really loved and indulged himself on the newest game: Ground Zeroes from Konami. It’s too short, and I would of liked if he had waited until the price went down but I guess I let this be since this is his only purchase in a while; yet still, this game left me wanting more within the Metal Gear Solid universe because eventually they will come full circle with the story of Big Boss and Solid Snake. Still, it was nice that he got something he enjoyed because honestly, I get more things for myself out of accident which is quite funny and ironic when we go looking for stuff for him. I guess I’m just easier to please and I like a wide array of things.

Finally, the apartment people decided to fix the bathtub with new caulking, new painting, and new everything, and it shines so pearly white! Still, it is a good thing because we still plan on moving this year to a bigger place. Maybe a duplex in July. I hope so. I think we deserve a bigger place because honestly, we have a lot of stuff and eventually down the line- 5 years from now, we’ll have kids. Ah kids. The most irresponsible thing that I probably could do. The stigma that I live with when I’m mentally ill. Why have kids when you’re mentally ill like me? Even the mentally ill people have bought into the excuse that we shouldn’t have kids because of that. The thing, there isn’t an exact human being on here with perfect genes that isn’t affected by something or has risks to something, we all have some kind of risks, but what matters is how we take care of ourselves. I think my mother in law doesn’t want me to have kids but it’s more than implied but I can understand her doubt and concern even if it hurts a little.

Smiley face
My husband was/is the sweetest person out there. He managed to get me these old games because he knew that I liked them and they are worth a ton of money because of what they are, and the kind of condition they are in. He thought of me when he saw them. That’s romantic and something I love. Ahhhh, love.

Also this weekend was nice and glorious: Friday, I spent it with friends and we went all over Arlington(which is small little city itself in some respects, it is big and has many stores in different districts) and bought some stuff. We ended it with eating pizza and just having fun.

Saturday: another day like any other except that our computer sparked! Meaning that there was fire in the motherboard and it was crazy. We ended up driving to Fry’s Electronics twice which was funny but we finally got the problem fixed with new RAM, CPU, and, a new motherboard.

Yeah for computer talk!

How was your weekend?



Let it Go

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First off, I want to thank everyone for the well wishes from my previous post about my wedding anniversary. Thankies everyone! And second I wanna say, this is my second time writing a new entry. More info about that in the paragraph below.

Last week was interesting and busy to say the least and quick. I spent one day with my bestie Ashley enjoying Japanese food and hanging out a bit. It was fine and a nice treat to see my bestie from a long time but I don’t know if I should call her that anymore. We aren’t close as we used to be and…I miss those days. I’m just not that close to anyone anymore and it makes me sad. The last person that I was close to is dead and I’m still alone but I’m fighting that loneliness and moving on. I have to for the sake of it.

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