What They Sing

Posted on November 10th, 2013 in Blog, Uncategorized by Michelle. 8 Comments

So this past weekend and week, I’ve been in rough shape. I kind of forgot about life and forgot that being hysterical isn’t good at all. I forgot that life is worth living despite the pain and had some close calls meaning that I tried to cut or wanted to. It’s a horrible sensation and a horrible way to live but luckily, the last two days have been better. I’ve been getting calls from friends and just well wishers in general. I’m scared that my meds for my depression aren’t working so I’ll have to go to my psychiatrist Friday. I missed my appointment on the 1st and I feel stupid about it, but it wasn’t my fault. I just plum forgot. I guess it happens to the best of us. But I know I’m stronger than any of that and it’s not easy to realize that when you’re in trouble and panicking. It’s never easy but I know I don’t want to give up on life. I want to keep going no matter what.

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What You Love

Posted on October 27th, 2013 in Blog, Uncategorized by Michelle. 4 Comments

Ahhhh, there’s no excusing my very long absence now, but to be fair, I’ve been unwilling to blog for some reason. I’m not that busy anything. I’m keeping up with my classes and just kicking butt all the time around. One of my classes did end a few weeks ago and I’m reaping the rewards of sleeping in and staying up late, though I still have Pre-Algebra on Tuesday and Thursdays. I managed to take my online assessment which gets me ready to take online courses and is a good thing not only for my husband but me. I hate getting up early but we’ll see if I snag some online classes next semester.

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