Fleeting Moment

To be honest, so much has happened to me, good and bad but in the end, I feel like so much of it has been worth it. It helped me grow as a person tenfold and not to mention that I’ve started off the year right with some friends and a party. Whaat, me at a party? It’s usually not my kind of scene but I decided to do it for the first time. Just leaped and found myself having a great time. I think, that is the sort of person that I want to be, a kind of risk taking person for all the good and bad. I know it paid off sometimes and then it didn’t but I don’t feel discouraged if it didn’t. I just got up and kept on going. Taking risks is part of life honestly and the best part of them honestly. I took a risk with my husband and getting better and now, life is going good. I admit that I’m still suffering from a cold but it’s receding and becoming a memory. In other words, I’m getting better! ^_^

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Starry Eyed Wonder

So, I got sick on Christmas Day and continue to be sick  today and onward and how sick? Feverish sick. Cold sick. No way, it is the flu because it doesn’t feel like the flu, just a common cold that is making me sick. The fear I have is getting Bronchitis again. Already had this past summer and I don’t want it again. It really sucks. I don’t understand why my body is failing me now? I don’t understand it really. I was fine with a simple case of sniffles and now, boom! Sick, bona fide sick, but still, I smiled when my fever broke last night. I was grateful. Grateful for the family and friends I have and my recovering health now.

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