A Night To Remember

Apparently, I’m on hold to purchase a book for my Pre-Algebra class which sucks, but I guess with all of the confusion it really hurt everything. Luckily, I can access my homework(good for me) trial free for about 2 weeks which should make everything easier. Because you see, my book is actually a code (which I have to buy new) that helps me get into my homework but ever since the confusion of which code to get, I’m getting a free trial of my code until I can buy another code, you see? Anyhow, I have to meet with my academic advisor on the 9th to discuss my major(history) and see what classes I’ll take in college. Yay!

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School Days

Yikes! I haven’t updated in awhile and for that I apologize, but to be honest nothing much was going on with my life. It was boring plus I was waiting for school to start.

New Student Orientation was a waste of my time as we only socialized and boy, I kept thinking about going back to sleep. I guess they force this on us to get to know each other better but it’s not like I’ll remember the other freshmen unless I have some classes with them and even that is slim due to the fact I’m taking two classes this semester.

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