Red Baron’s Flight

Posted on August 22nd, 2018 in Blog, pictures by Michelle. 2 Comments

I quit my job before I got fired because I was messing up things too much and I kept getting yelled at by other employees and just in general, it was grating and causing me misery. Plus, the whole incident with the other employee apparently was misunderstood to me as harassment when he was trying to help but hell, was it just too overbearing. I was being constantly messing up to the point that it was hurting my own heart and just knowing that my brain is not always there in the moment…well, I have problems with cognitive features and just in general as I am often up and down due to my medication but it isn’t entirely my fault. I try and try. Though this sort of excursion proved that I can indeed work and stick to it but I gotta find a better job and while my ex job did pay 10.85 an hour, I couldn’t do it. My anxiety was always crazy and standing so much agonized my feet which are in bad condition. I’ll spare the details but still, my body is a wreck with my eczema always on my body especially sensitive areas like my chest(breasts) but this is my life. The life of a girl with endless physical problems.

I mentioned before that we got our settlement? If I haven’t, well we have and managed to secure a vehicle that fits us and it took only a few weeks of looking till we finally bought one.

Our 2008 Saturn VUE XE

I’m sorry you didn’t have the easiest time with your job. You will find a better job soon!

Love the car. 🙂

Posted on August 26th, 2018, at 5:16 PM by Amy.

Sorry to hear about your job. That can’t have been easy. Hopefully something better will come along soon!

Glad you got your settlement. The new car looks amazing!