Changed the layout of my blog a bit, but I'm happy with it and I'm glad that it was done and I hope you like it too, all of you that read my blog. Anyhow, I've managed to see the bariatric surgeon regarding my weight loss surgery and all the terms that it would and will entail, and it's different but in the end, it's something that must be done for my back and health. Though according to my insurance, I still have 6 months to get ready for the surgery and get mentally prepared, which is the reason for the long waiting for it. I see the nutritionist this week on Thursday and I'll see from there and my psychiatrist is gonna help too. It's gonna be a long time...and I'm slowly accepting it because my life would change in the biggest way and I'm trying to prepare for it. I'm doing good with my husband as I don't spend money behind his back and our relationship is doing good. Then Halloween is coming up and I've already picked my costume which is a homemade Alice in Wonderland, and I'm proud to say that I look wonderfully in it.  


October 24, 2020 by Michelle 2

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