So, Here I Am, Again

February goes into March and yet, I’ve made a mess of things with impulsive spending again and hurt ourselves by barely having any money in our account. Why do I do these things? Why do I continually hurt and sabotage all the great things in my life? And right because my husband’s and I’s anniversary on the 9th of March, I do these things. I hope I’ll stop and maybe understand why it’s happening and not ignore this anymore, but regardless, I’ve been feeling quite sluggish and when I mean sluggish, I mean barely able to stay away just within a month and a half recently. I’ve been dizzy and experienced muscle weakness plus, no matter how much sleep I get, I’m exhausted by the middle and even beginning of the day. I sleep so much that I’m not getting enough deep sleep.

Every year, my health insurance (and others): Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield always makes my husband and I do something called Blueprint for Wellness, and that is basically done at every start of the year and has a deadline of Feb 28 of every year. I basically get a physical plus blood work that tests everything, and I’ve noticed that I’ve gone down from a lot of things like my cholesterol which last year was 202 and now is 175, and even my good cholesterol (LDL) and (HDL) are within normal perimeters, but what gets me is, why I’ve been sluggish and exhausted for nearly two months: I’m anemic and it’s because of two pieces of tests that show low percentages of the oxygen in my red blood cells. I plan on seeing another doctor and addressing this because it’s getting to the point that I can’t do anything. I can barely take care of Marley or get out of bed, and I’m not depressed. I’m just weak.

But I did manage to finish the Zero Escape Series, which was good, and they (Spike Chunsoft) are also the makers of the Danganronpa series (which, I still like better), though Zero Escape is bloody and quite convoluted in every sense of the world. I recommend playing it since it is on PS4 and other systems like DS and whatnot. It’s an escape room visual novel, and you will care and feel compelled to finish the storyline.

(1 part)

(2nd part)
(final part)
I haven’t said much because I’ve been roleplaying on Instagram for Danganronpa V3 and thus, met so many great friends on there and have sharpened up my writing skills tremendously, but there was drama and a couple of good friends broke up and thus, it became a battleground. All broken relationships are like that and speaking of that, I was removed and blocked on Facebook by K, again. I have no idea what I did and I’m tired of giving this person chances but I wish them luck in their life and their dreams.  I can only wish them well as I don’t have time to be cruel or vengeful despite the many wrongs that have happened in my life.

March 09 2013
Our wedding day

Posted on March 1st, 2018 in Blog, pictures by Michelle. 3 Comments

I feel you with the tiredness. I’m always so tired! Hopefully you can get it sorted out though!

Lovely wedding photo!

Posted on March 3rd, 2018, at 1:44 AM by Megan.

I’ve been feeling super sluggish lately too, and I even get the urge to sleep at super random times during the day! No matter how early I sleep, nothing works. I hope you can find out what causes you to feel that way!

Happy anniversary to you and your husband! <3

Posted on March 10th, 2018, at 4:24 PM by Claudine.

I’ve been feeling extremely fatigued and sluggish all last month and into this month… And have been seeing it being said a lot all around online… I wonder if there’s something up… Weather, atmospheric pressure, I don’t even know! But everyone seems to be exhausted! For me, it’s probably also have to do with Vitamin D deficiency… I should use my sunlamp more, and start taking Vitamin D supplements. 🙁

Hope you’ll be able to resolve your financial binds somehow. Maybe switching over to only having access to a debit card linked to a separate checking account that only has a limited amount of money might help? If you don’t have the money available… It’s harder to spend. Some of my friends have to resort to pretty extreme measures in order to keep themselves from spending all of their available funds, which puts them in a bind when emergencies pop up, like moving or repairing stuff. They do things like automatically transfer money into another account they can’t touch, have paycheck automatically be split to put money into a separate savings account, freeze their credit cards, live on cash only, etc…

Happy Anniversary (I guess it was yesterday)? It’s great that you guys have been able to, regardless of the rocky terrain, stay together for so long!

Posted on March 10th, 2018, at 6:39 PM by Hiro.