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Avengers Infinity War was great and at the same time, upsetting because of how it played out but it was refreshing but you won’t find spoilers here. This I promise you regardless, I got terrible news from my uncle and it was about my cousin (12 years old).  She had a stroke. The doctors don’t know how and why it happened but seizures do run in the family with her father having them a lot of them, still, this devastated me because this cousin always tried to play and get my attention and I blew her off. Goddamn it. Why didn’t I learn anything? I say that about seizures because it triggered the stroke in her, supposedly and this the doctors know for sure. Please pray and chant for her recovery as the stroke was bad. Terrible.

Then my youngest brother is home today and is planning to find a place in the surrounding cities between Dallas and Fort Worth like Grand Prairie or Euless, still, it’s nice that he’s back from training and despite being in the Reserves, he’s home like should be. He joked about going to war and I freaked out. It’s better not to jest about that stuff because of how the politics of the current administration is going on.

Then Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)’s season 3 is FUCKING amazing and the current episode they are on is just extreme and hard to swallow. It’s one of the best shonen in a long time since Fullmetal Alchemist (and Brotherhood) and I’m grateful for that. WATCH it if you love shonen or anime in general as you won’t be disappointed.

Last Saturday (April 28th, 2018) was an event called Yappy Hour that involved doggos, vendors, music, free stuff and food, thus it was a great time~

The event banner
Madmax Marley
An Chinook
Exactly how I feel
Up close and personal
Then with the singers -3 of them caught my attention!~ Follow them on Instagram and Facebook as they are all so talented~ I follow them all plus I enjoy their music as I love indie stuff and that’s what they exactly do.

Facebook: Tristan Bugenis
Instagram: Tristan Bugenis Music
Website: Tristan B Music
Facebook: Danni and Kris
Instagram: DanniandKris
Website: Danni and Kris

I’m sorry about your cousin…so young to have that happen…I hope she recovers!

Glad to hear your brother’s home!

Posted on May 16th, 2018, at 1:12 AM by Jamie.

I’m sorry to hear about your cousin! I hope that she’ll have a fast and safe recovery. Man oh man, you sure have fun when you take your doggos to that festival. How many times have you guys gone so far?