To All Fellow Friends In Need

Things I have been doing:

  • Watching the hell out of Naruto Shippuden

  • Playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Pokemon Fire Red

As it is noticed, two new layouts from Cristina from Lovemore on both here on Dreaming-Arcadia and Colored-Dreams. I thank her for her work and my continual patience in receiving the layouts and I couldn’t be more pleased, but so far on the life side of things? I decided against the ultra sound and endoscope. It’s just too much with our deductible and besides, I am trying to be more frugal on things, though the blood work should be fine to do and doesn’t cost a thing to me or my husband. I hope there is a cause for why things are how they are in my body and some solution or treatment can be found.

I want to be honest in fact here: I keep seeing the whole Netflix show: 13 Reasons Why and how it depicts mental health and suicide as some gory or inappropriate thing, and I think for someone that was born with mental illness and struggled with it all my life because of that fact, know that suicide isn’t taken lightly by anyone even the people that attempt it and I have tried: and Trigger Warnings of course, but I have tried it and we don’t normally want to “die” all the way but end the pain and it feels like suicide is selfish but what is selfish is making someone suffer in silence or more than usually they do reach out and don’t have the support. That’s selfish to say that suicide is selfish because while it does hurt others, the pain isn’t immediate to the person that attempts or succeeds. The pain, the hurt, the anguish, and sorrow are unbelievable and you don’t have to have mental illness to have these things but you can have witnessed a trauma or be a part of said trauma or etc; but in the end, suicide isn’t selfish just by the fact that the person has asked for help but you couldn’t see it and sometimes they do make attempts to reach out, but in the end, they still choose. It’s never about the people left behind but the victim. Why they were in such pain and sometimes people don’t realize that they helped cause it or add to it and that’s how I feel about how the show handles it with the tapes the victim leaves behind. There’s no blame game but rather something that shows how people’s actions good or bad can contribute to someone and hurt or help them. I think if people did look around and see what impact their words and actions do, then they’d be more careful. Remember how saying a kind word helps someone? Same concept with trauma or mental illness and I have dealt with this daily. I have seen friends and family come and go; more and more as they realize that I am not my disorder despite grappling with it for a long time-since my birth naturally.

Just take a look and see what your actions and works can impact someone today. Take the time to see what you say does something to their mood.

Just be kind and know that what we do matters and affects other; no one is an island and that is true with the show. It is a domino effect and it starts so slowly but falls so quickly and you are left with a mess that you helped contributed to in the end.

Just remember to be kind to each other, always.

Life is fine and I am doing well with my meds as they are, and also the fact that I have to deal with finding a job through the Texas Work Force Commission but at least I had fun: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 was hella amazing and great to watch! Go see it!

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I hope you like the new themes. I am so sorry for delivering them a little late :(.

I want to watch 13 reason why, it’s crazy how people keep recommending it to me. I think I will do it pretty soon.

I agree with the things you said about suicide. People don’t take this step because they’re happy. They’re in pain and they don’t find meaning in things anymore. It’s sad that people can’t understsnd that.
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Yes, I have thank you. 🙂
I’ve been on a sort of MCU movies marathon, so I haven’t really done anything else; later today I’m going to cinema to watch “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”, then I feel like watching more movies so Photoshop will be neglected again. xD

I adore the new themes, especially the colors and the header (super-cute ♥ ) in this one.

That tv shows seems interesting, but I don’t think I’m gonna watch it; I love series like Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, NCIS, etc., and don’t like gore for the sake of gore (it sounds like it goes like that in the show)…’s just my personal taste. 😛

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I am glad that you found them worth the wait <3.

Yeah, we must be patient and make the most out of it. I think the key is to find meaning in the little things, to enjoy and live in the moment and not worry about the past and the future.
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Watching 13 reasons why was hard for me. I got so many feels during it because I went through bullying and being picked on in high school and some of jr high. It’s crazy that people can say it is selfish but able bodied people just never understand. DX It sucks.
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Mental illness is a very touchy subject. My opinion is that in an ideal world, no one would want to kill themselves but everyone reacts to everything differently and in the end, it is a personal choice. It is what it is.
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