Who Am I?

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Shuichi Saihara- Danganronpa V3 (New Danganronpa V3)

Background and Personality of Character 

When presenting Shuichi, he starts off as doubting himself by his past actions and the fact that he believes that he made a mistake that cost someone’s freedom, so he tries hard to hide behind his hat, as he believes that he could just avoid looking into people’s eyes. He has no confidence in his abilities as a detective, thus, he clings to others quite easily and cannot stand on his own and tries to deny the truth that is in front of him. He is unsure about his situation and purposely lies to himself and doesn’t accept the truth even if it is painful to bear. He is famous because he solved a cold case that ended up making him famous but he later learns that the culprit only killed in revenge and yet, hatred crept into Shuichi’s mind as he saw the culprit’s gaze. The gaze of pure unadulterated loathing and fury, and so, the hat represents Shuichi’s repression of his talents and himself. Later on, he discards the hat and slowly with the help of his newfound friends finds that the truth, regardless of how agonizing it can be, can be faced up front. He can confidently at the end, make the decision to live and fight for his existence.

Relates To Me

At the early stages of my life in middle school, I continually went from crisis to crisis time and again, and immaturity haunted me and so, I made rash decisions. I hurt others in my wake and also, I had only loathing for myself and thus, had no confidence to connect with people and thought that my actions only antagonized people and seeking the truth anguished me. I was alone in my own journey to realize that there was something wrong me and so, I couldn’t accept my own flaws and thus, hid behind smiles and illusions of happiness, so much so, that it was beginning to crack and each time I tried to repair it, the more my true self-revealed itself. I was in pain. I was aching from my own lack of confidence and thus I was easily gullible and forced to deny the truth. I was lying to myself and when I struggled in my early adult years, and when my mental illness manifested heavily, I had to face the music. I wasn’t who I said I was and I, too, had to discard that hat and live for myself and find that by having an excellent support system that I could appreciate the truth and face it. I fight every day to live and thus, there are reasons for it and mostly, it is for me.

Harry Potter-Harry Potter Series

Background and Personality of Character

If you read any of the Harry Potter books and even if you haven’t, Harry starts as naive about the world and the destiny that is entrusted to him, and when he finds out the horrors of his life, despite barely remembering most of it; He still carries the feelings of what happened and the death of his parents to the dark forces of life, and thus, is celebrated by his achievements despite not really knowing them and then growing up in a world that is different from his’ and what he has known as his life. Essentially he is caught between two worlds and tries to navigate through them while maturing and thus fighting back the demons, past, present, and future. He does it by having friends but ultimately it falls to him, and so he defeats the evil in his life and everything that holds him back as a human being. He can be haughty and arrogant which he knows, and sure of himself, yet, he is really hurting from the lack of paternal figures in his life plus the trauma of losing them in a very real sense; But he isn’t afraid to attack those that hurt himself and his friends and while, he doesn’t set up to save the world, he does. He is angry a lot of the time but it’s to be expected at the abuse he suffered at the hands of his aunt, uncle, and cousin, but he never loses hope in himself and a better tomorrow once he finds out he matters to people that care about him.

Relates to me

I too suffered trauma in the fact of abuse in a lot of ways, but I’ve always preserved through it. I’ve had to deal with my heritage of being half Salvadorian and White and while I can speak English, I cannot speak Spanish and thus, my relatives that lack the proficiency in English only speak in their native tongue-Spanish. I get the gist of what they say but in the end, I feel like an outsider but lately, it’s been different for me as I’ve come to accept those parts of me and create something better inside. I’ve dealt with the lack of guidance and love from my parents but despite the anguish I’ve felt and jealousy too, I realized that I am lucky in regards to being stronger than most and for knowing that life can be unfair and unkind. I too, can learn to live a better life with people that care about me.


Usagi Tsukino and Sailor Moon from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Background and Personality of Character

Meeting Usagi at the first episode, she is 14 and in middle school and she’s known to be a big crybaby, and immature to boot, and when she saves Luna from a group of cat and then is informed by Luna later on that Usagi is, in fact, Sailor Moon and thus is given a compact/brooch to transform. Even though she has flaws of being a crybaby and a coward (seems like), but she grows up faster than most and ends up surviving trial after trial; Bad guy after bad guy in order to realize her destiny and a future she believes in. She has an excellent support system of friends and family and is quite loyal and strong when she needs to be. Sailor Moon never runs from a fight and always defends those that she cares about and even, then, she tries to help all. She isn’t caught up on appearances of people and doesn’t judge anyone for their past or how they are and she is completely trusting and loves passionately.

Relates to Me

It’s a wonder that even though I can experience emotions stronger than most people and am sensitive and I know perhaps that these are good traits to have. I love and laugh as I live and a future is always of my own making. I’ve been given the courage to take the future and build it from what I believe in, and no amount of tribulations can halt my progress as a human being.

I’d be scared to do this post because one of the characters I relate to is Dexter Morgan from Dexter. xD Yeah, a lot of people would have a lot of questions.

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This is a creative idea. Describing your personality through fictional characters. The only character I was unfamiliar with was the Danganronpa character.He seems like a very interesting character though. ♥