Your Affection Greets Me Today

So much has happened in the last few days, but I’ll do my best to recap:

  • The wake happened on 11/09/17 and the funeral the next day, which I didn’t go to. I figured out since I’ve had paid my respects at the wake that I didn’t need to go to the funeral, plus, I know that everyone in the family was still mad at me because I insulted my aunt by mentioning my cousin on social media despite not saying a name and such. She also had issues with stuff in the past but it was nice.
  • Apparently, I was told by someone that I couldn’t post up pictures of my younger brother due to security reasons but I can’t see that happening because he isn’t in the active part of the military but nevertheless, I took down what I could and could remember, too. I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry, I suppose. Got to see him, too!
  • Dad and my younger bro; Kiara (bro’s gf), bro, and our paternal grandmother
  • He will be back for Christmas. Yay!
  • Our texts between us before he lefts
  • Here is my current weight loss progress
  • New layout and last one from Cristina formerly of Lovemore. She is amazing.
  • New phone and back to Android: Lg G4, which I love! OMG

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I’ve never been a fan of family get-togethers, no matter the occasion. But funerals are especially hard places to see family because everyone is feeling more emotional than usual.

I personally have a hard time posting pictures of people outside of my Instagram feed because I feel like it’s an invasion of their privacy to have their faces on my blog, especially since most of them don’t know that I keep a blog in the first place. But I suppose Instagram and my blog are no different, one is just known and the other is not. Just depends on the person, though!
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Your layouts are amazing. You’re lucky Cristina makes them for free just for you 😞 Ive never liked family get togethers neither since there’s never anyone to talk to that’s close to my age. Either they’re too young or look elderly 😕

Thank you for the site visit. I appreciate it 💗
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